An Ohio

I don’t remember a lot. I don’t remember most stories that are recounted to me. But I often times pretend as if I do remember them. Why? Because I can’t seem to grasp why I would loose something of such magnitude but one of my friends remember it like it was yesterday. However, I do remember select bits of of my childhood. And I could recount them as if they just happened.

I remember a lot from when I lived in Ohio. I remember the streets, I remember the people, and I remember the feelings. If you’re reading this as an army brat, you might get it more than anyone. You remember all of the states you moved to and you remember a few things from each, but there’s probably one state that strikes you as home.

Which one is it?

I stumbled upon a Spotify playlist from an old friend in middle school and it brought back all the Ohio memories. It was like I was back in Chestnut Hill facilitating mini triathlons in the neighborhood and trying to talk to Nate Foley behind my parents back. I pictured my lilac bedroom and my little dog, Zoey, my mom got me on a whim. I see 12 red roses and 1 of the 12 are fake fake with the note “I will love you until the last one dies”. I see my littlest, but truly biggest, sister walk down the winding carpet stairs with a swollen face from some obscure reaction. I look back and see popsicles in our outdoor fridge and neighborhood kids seeking them out. I remember the worlds kindest heart, Lauren Cocca, shouting out “the last melon” in the trunk of my mom’s yukon XXL before basketball practice.

When I see Ohio, I see everything. After Ohio it’s just a bit more blurry for me.

Did I love college? Yeah, I had these unforgettable friends like Amy, Smash, Courtney, and Ben. I could quickly name more. Did I love NYC? Oh NYC is my sanctuary. I met people like Sara, Amanda, and Jen.

I just wish I could have had the stability I had in Ohio so I could process life. I lost that stability and with that I lost a sense of self, but amazing people across the US didn’t think less of me.

I hope all of you have an Ohio. And if you lose that Ohio, I know you’re strong enough to pivot.

Thank you, world

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5 comments on “An Ohio

  1. Anonymous

    This is beautifully written. I spent most of my childhood in a small Ohio town near Cleveland, and summer always brings back lots of memories of riding bikes and exploring neighborhoods. That town always felt like home, and I have never recaptured that feeling. We have been thinking of you this week. Keep sharing your warmth with people and you will always have the support of friends, old and new.


  2. Ingrid Latham

    The comment above was me, Ingrid Burchfield Latham. I forgot to type my name.


  3. Andi the Magician (Stove)

    Compelling and heartfelt prose as always Addison. Hope things are going well in Colorado.


  4. Raphaelcmx

    Where is admin?
    It is important.


  5. Raphaelcmx

    Can I contact admin??
    I’ts important.


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