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Spending $$ + Time on sheet masks, socks, hair products, + a freaking lot of books

This is about making yourself a priority and taking care of yourself both physically and mentally because As 6lack once said "Self love ain't selfish".

Goooood afternoon my lovely reader. I hope your day has been productive and energizing thus far.

*Read to the end to hear why self care is crucial to our well-being.

Today, Thursday February 27th, I woke up at 6:30AM, scrolled through my minimal amount of notifications on my phone, then drew myself out of bed to walk into the living room. I made my way outside of the bedroom to a very excited Rye Rye. Some mornings he’s just amped to get out of his crate and once he’s out he literally spins around in circles like he just won first place in the Puppy Bowl.

Next stop is the restroom where Riley follows me. I run through some eye rolling at him then put on my black jacket, pink slippers, and Riley’s University of Oklahoma collar and we head to the dog run. We don’t go in sync though. I don’t leash the beast so he leaps and bounds (literally) through the hallway to the door that he anxiously (think of a child who has to go to the bathroom, kind of moving around awkwardly) waits for me to open the door.

Eventually we make it to the dog run and in my head I’m crossing my fingers no ones there because 1) I am in no mood to chit chat yet and 2) My hair is a disaster up on the top of my head in a scrunchie. Okay we’re in the clear. Time to scurry back up to the 4th floor.

Once I’m back in the safety of my own apartment, I read a few pages in “Braving the Wilderness” by Brené Brown. I reread page 67 4-5 times and subsequently post it on my Instagram story because that’s what I do. After reading while drinking a cup of coffee with BulletProof brain octane fuel, I change into my black + grey camo align yoga pants & a light blue tank top for the gym. Time to get some energy flowing through my body and brain.

Page 67 in “Braving the Wilderness”

After the gym, I’m back in apartment 40* (I can’t have you guys sending me gifts all the time ya know) with a fresh cup of coffee. I turn on the shower, hop in because it warms up in .005 seconds, and we’re off to the races. Shampoo, conditioner, Dove body wash, Billie razor… the whole gang is hanging out this morning.

The shower was much needed and so is a sheet mask. I put on my large, to the floor, raspberry pink bathrobe and slap a face mask on my semi-broken out skin. Now I’m combing leave in conditioner through my hair while pulling out my make-up of the day choices. Nars blush, CVS mascara, Beauty Counter foundation, Two Faced bronzer, Anastasia eyebrow goop, and some more two faced products. BUT wait! Don’t be fooled, we still need to moisturize. I grab my Drunk Elephant face moisturizer and dab that bad boy on post face mask. And then I think…. “hmm let’s ice roll”. So I take a few steps from my bathroom over to my kitchen fridge and take out my translucent green ice roller from the freezer.

Roll on the left cheek, roll on the chin, roll on the forehead…. okayyyy I keep rolling until I can’t roll no more.

After applying my make-up I figure it’s time to get dressed and we’re not doing athlesiure today ladies (insert round of applause gif). Today I’m feeling a beige turtleneck, some knee ripped Madewell jeans, and Bomba socks so I can metaphorically walk on the clouds. BAM, we’re done. We’re clothed. We’re ready to take on this wonderful Thursday.

Fast forward 4 hours and here I am over lunch writing about why self care can lead to greater self love. I’m in a great headspace this morning and feel super productive and I think that’s because I prioritize taking care of myself– Physically and mentally. As 6lack once said “Self love ain’t selfish”. It’s OKAY to buy pricey socks if it makes you happy. It’s OKAY to have a recurring order on Amazon for face masks. It’s OKAY to take the time to go to the gym. It’s OKAY to watch reality tv shows to let your mind rest. It’s OKAY to buy more books even though you haven’t finished the other 7 on your book shelf yet. It’s OKAY to turn your phone on airplane mode for a day. It’s OKAY to take care of yourself and do things that make your heart smile in that moment. & don’t feel guilty about it!

The more you take care of yourself, the better you can take care of your other relationships — friendships, family members, boyfriend, dog, siamese kitten.

Put your oxygen mask on first.

1 comment on “Spending $$ + Time on sheet masks, socks, hair products, + a freaking lot of books

  1. This made my day! Being about oneself is not being selfish. Being selfish is to put the wants and needs of others behind your own. When we are happy and giving people we are whole people. When we can meet our own basic and simple needs to be our best, it makes us be our best with and for others. Sometimes it’s OK to buy the most expensive apple at the grocery store to treat yourself. But we don’t need to buy a case of them!!

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