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Quickly de-clutter your life with these 4 starting points

When you de-clutter your life your confidence and self-efficacy improves. Here are four simple ways to clear out some clutter. And if I can do it, you sure as heck can!

Quickly de-clutter your life with these 4 starting points

If your house is cluttered, your mind has a higher likelihood of being cluttered. If your mind is cluttered (or crowded), you’re more likely to experience feelings of imbalance. And feeling imbalanced doesn’t feel good, it feels disorienting. Clutter can be a literal manifestation of mental health issues such as stress, confusion, and depression. Why? Because when there’s too much junk and clutter in our lives we feel suffocated. At times, stress can make you feel like you can’t breath. See the correlation?

So let’s get some clutter out of our lives so we can leave more room for mental wellness.


Clothes are one of the top 3 things I think of when I hear the word “clutter”. Clothes crowd our closets, our floors, our laundry room, and our BRAINS! When there are clothes all over the house we feel stressed and disorganized. Then we start thinking about the fact that we have all these clothes that we spent heaps of money on, but rarely wear them and the stress/aggravation starts to heat up even more.

If you’re someone who loves trying new clothes, I highly recommend you look into subscription services such as Nuuly and Rent the Runway. It’s the same price every month so you can budget for it and the clothes don’t pile up!

Fact: The average person spends $161/month on clothes, yet most women only wear a shirt a few times and get sick of it or it’s out of style the next season.


You see something cute at Target like a wood bowl for your rings and BAM, next thing you know it’s on your nightstand. One month later it’s in your nightstand because you’ve replaced it with another trinket that you’ll be tired of soon.

Be mindful when you’re wandering the endless aisles of Target or HomeGoods. Do you really need another blanket? Will it bring you joy in a month? (Marie Kondo plug) Or will you look at this plaid wintery blanket in a month and not know where to put it so it gets moved under the couch? Moving something into a nightstand or under the couch might sound insignificant, but I promise this stuff adds up and turns into clutter.


Again with the Target example– Target has incredible branding. You spontaneously buy a plant-based deodorant or a chic window cleaner, but you already have 3 bottles of Windex under your sink! Many cleaning supplies are multi-purpose so you don’t need to clutter your sink with 15 different cleaners. Get rid of what you don’t need (don’t think $$ here, it’s already a sunk cost) and get comfortable with having some white space. Your brain will thank you.


Saying yes to everything = clutter. Your time is extremely valuable and you have no obligation to say yes to everyones asks. When you look at your calendar do you feel stressed? If so, what specific events on it are causing you stress? Why do they seem stressful?

When you de-clutter your calendar you de-clutter your mind. When you de-clutter your life your confidence and self-efficacy improves.

So let’s get going! De-cluttering and cleaning is actually energizing. Play some loud music through your soundbar and see how you feel when you act on one of the four suggestions above.

2 comments on “Quickly de-clutter your life with these 4 starting points

  1. Ingrid Burchfield Latham

    Great advice! And how wise to include the comments about the calendar as well. I have been making an effort to simplify my life, including how I spend my time.


  2. Don Amorosi

    Agree about time! Less is more. And don’t buy anything not on a list

    Liked by 1 person

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