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Working in Downtown Denver

Read this post to see two adorable puppies

It’s 75 and sunny in Denver with 0% chance of clouds for the rest of the day.

A look into my work week

This morning I started off the work day at my desk in my apartment after a quick 25 minute workout and a mason jar full of celery juice. My desk faces the window, so I get A+ views of downtown Denver. After working from my desk for awhile, I moved out to one of the patios my apartment has to get some vitamin D in my veins. This patio is lined with beautiful green plants and filled with grills, circle tables with orange mesh chairs, a fire pit, and comfy outdoor couches & chairs.

After 45 minutes or so I headed back in to work from my balcony which overlooks Chestnut Place. This street is home to Whole Sol, Pete’s Coffee, Whole Foods, the CycleBar, and a variety of other store fronts. Riley sat next to me on the balcony along with my cactus and a bottle of water.

At around 3:00pm, I took a quick 5 minute stroll over the bridge to work outside at Ink! Coffee. When I got there I grabbed a STRONG nitro cold brew (no ice). Good grief, that thing made my head spin… had to mix in a water! To my right was a girl with her 5 month-ish Bernese Mountain dog pup. A few minutes later another girl rolled up with her brown baby Newfoundland puppy. That’s a perfect picture of Denver– Dogs everywhere.

I immediately sent this pic to my friend Jen because she’s thinking about moving to Denver or Austin. She’s from Long Island so she should move to Denver.

From the coffee shop, I worked on a few work-related things to wrap-up up the workday while listening to a Vance Joy inspired Spotify playlist.

After I called it a day, I walked across the street to Nail Story where I always go to get manis & pedis. Today I decided on a seafoam green gel manicure. Later in the day I stopped by the dog park and got a compliment on them. OKAY thats huge for me because I bit my nails for 20+ years and finally nipped the habit in the butt. So yes, I live for nail compliments now.

Since I work from home, I try to be outside as much as possible because it’s so incredibly nice here. Luckily, I live smack dab in the center of LoDo so I have a lot of great places I can go. However, most of the time I stay around my apartment. My apartment has top of the line amenities so I can basically make the common areas my office as well. There’s a lot of people that live here that work from home, I just gotta talk to them! That’s on the to-do- list, but for now I’ll write when I have a few minutes of downtime.

Enjoy your weekends, XO

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  1. Don Amorosi

    Downton Addi!


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