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A Green Homemade Drink

Juicing is simply extracting juice from fruits and veggies by using a juicing machine to get a lot of the fibers out and leaving a good amount of the vitamins, minerals, & plant chemicals.

A few months ago everyone and their mom’s cats were drinking celery juice. Just like any fad, celery juice had his quick rise to fame, but after only a few short weeks, he was already on the downhill roller coaster.

Fad (noun):

an intense and widely shared enthusiasm for something, especially one that is short-lived and without basis in the object’s qualities; a craze.
silly bands, clear strappy heels, chokers, South Beach Diet, mood rings, Dashboard hula girls, Mexican jumping beans

Now that I’ve taken you down memory lane, let’s get back to juicing celery. A popular trend is juicing. Juicing is simply extracting juice from fruits and veggies by using a juicing machine to get a lot of the fibers out and leaving a good amount of the vitamins, minerals, and plant chemicals. College kids are juicing red beets, single moms are juicing organic carrots, and aunts out in Oklahoma are juicing everything in sight.

I’m in Denver, Colorado and I’ve been into juicing celery and green apples in the mornings before work. There’s no need for it to be a fad, celery has been around for a million years.

I also add green apples to the mix. Juicing apples is nothing out of the ordinary, but when you combine the veggie and the fruit together, you end up with a beautifully sweet & salty masterpiece. If you’re anything like me and crave salty foods, here’s a great way to get that salty taste in, but also get your fruits and veggies.

What you’ll need

-3-4 bundles of celery
-2-3 green apples (I use 2)
-A juicing machine ($46.99 on Amazon)
-Mason jars for easy storage
-Colorful straws

This recipe will make enough celery juice for 5-6 days. Throw this bad boy in the fridge and you’re set for the work week, baby!

I like to drink my delicious concoction through a plastic straw about an hour after I go to the gym. There is zero logic behind how I do this, it just works for me.

Brought to you by King Soopers – LoDo

Benefits of Celery

  1. Celery is an aphrodisiac…. ooo la la
  2. Low sodium (but tastes salty when juiced!!!), fat-free, low calorie
  3. It’s always in the grocery store, all year long
  4. There’s so much water in celery. Water is great for your skin!
  5. Rich in vitamin K & vitamin C
    • Vitamin K “refers to a group of fat-soluble vitamins that play a role in blood clotting, bone metabolism, and regulating blood calcium levels”
    • Vitamin C is an antioxidant that can help reduce blood pressure and lower risk of heart disease

Benefits of green Apples

  1. Combats acne
  2. They’ll make you happy because they’re delicious
  3. Can reduce cholesterol level
  4. Rich in vitamin C
  5. Helps your skin glow & whiten due to the vitamins
  6. Apples won’t break the bank so you can juice every week for $5-10

“The more you love yourself, the less nonsense you’ll tolerate”

Drink your veggies. Happy juicing!


1 comment on “A Green Homemade Drink

  1. Ok feeling very inspired to order a juicer!


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