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Do you work from home? Here’s how to set up your desk

Throughout this article, I'll show you what my desk looks like, how it helps optimize my workflow, and where you can find things for your own home office.

Do you work from home? Are you considering a job that is 100% remote? If you’re new to the work from home life or you’re just looking for a better office set-up, here’s what I’m doing today.

Throughout this article, I’ll show you what my desk looks like, how it helps optimize my workflow, and where you can find things for your own home office.

Nothing beats having a desk directly in front of a giant window. Natural sunlight all day long!

The Desk

I bought this desk because it fit perfectly below my window and because it’s simple. Having a desk with a lot going on when you have a lot going on on your calendar is not a great mix. Minimalism all day long.
Wayfair Desk in blue with dimensions ($190)

The Chair

My apartment is a “Mid-Century/Scandinavian Minimalist” vibe which is why I love this chair. I can sit in it all day and my butt doesn’t hurt.
-Wayfair Wrenshall Social Mid-Century Side Chair
-On sale for $45.99

The Monitor

If you’re constantly switching between tabs, you have 10 browsers open, and you’re working on a tedious Excel sheet, I recommend buying a monitor. This will help with efficiency so you’re able to get more done in less time (plus less headaches keeping track of every single tab).
-Mac’s brother, Joe Paul, got this monitor for us & it’s been perfect!
Sceptre (prices range from $65-$300+)

Laptop (s)

If your company lets you work from home, you most likely have a laptop provided by them. My company provided me with a new 15in MacBook Pro. I also have my person 15in MacBook Pro that I frequently keep on my desk as well if I’m really doing a lot that day or just want to look extra techy 🙂 .

The Laptop Stand

When you’re constantly looking down at your keyboard, your neck is probably hating you. This is why I highly recommend buying a laptop stand. It’s the #1 thing I’ve bought because this laptop stand raises my laptop 6.1 inches off my desk, which is improves ergonomics. Better ergonomics, better you.
AmazonBasics laptop stand ($17)

The File Organizer

This helps me store & organize anything from

  • Follow-up notes / To do’s
  • Client information
  • Medical information
  • Riley’s documents
  • Notebooks
  • Pens & highlighters

A Mouse

I use a Logitech wireless mouse when I’m frequently moving between screens. This can help you get your work done more quickly. The batteries also last for around 2 years.
Logitech bluetooth mouse ($25-ish)

Laptop Sleeve

Do you travel for work? I do, so I wanted to protect my laptop while I was on the go to the airport or just moving between coffee shops. I bought a pink fake leather laptop case about a year ago that I still get tons of compliments on.
-For varying size laptops: Amazon (comes in several colors!)

A Lamp

The more light the better. Good lightening can help your home feel happier. If your office is in your home, it’s important for your home to feel happy. Brighter lights have also shown to improve focus. Bright lights “stimulate your brain and increases serotonin levels, which can help you concentrate” (mf).
Target floor lamp ($60)


Since airpods immediately connect to your device when you open them, you’ll be ready for client calls and internal meetings in a matter of seconds.
-$160 from the Apple Store

Charging System + Adapters

Last, but not least, is the charging system/dock. It’s always good to have a couple of extra outlets under your desk if you need to charge an Ipad, laptop, headphones, phone, etc. You can find a cheap extension chord nearly anywhere and it’ll last forever. Secondly, you’ll want a handful of adapters. The two I use are:
1. HDMI chord — Connects my monitor to my laptop
2. HDMI adapter — Most new laptops do not have an HDMI jack so you’ll need the adapter to connect the monitor to the hdmi chord to the adapter to the laptop. ($69 from the Apple Store)

The two adapters come in handy for other things as well such as onsite client meetings.

Work From Home


  • mf – psychology behind good lighting

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    last thing you need to work from home is a dog that doesn’t bark at the UPS man or a quick mute finger


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