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Introducing ‘Brews with a View’

A hike at Estes Park followed by a surprise brewery

Good morning tigers, it’s hiking time! Brews with a View is a new mini-series I’m starting where I write about a hike I go on each week and then casually talk about a new beer I tried afterward. Let’s have some fun– I need it after this Frontier day-long delay in DC.

Week 1 – July 7

Earlier this week I went on my first Colorado hike.

Morning prep:

Mac and I grabbed our hiking backpacks and filled up the water packs then made three pb&J sandwiches. Next, I tossed in an inhaler, trail mix, ibuprofen, and a four bandaids. For clothes, I wore a XL pink Mizzou tank, yoga pants, and packed a Lulu jacket plus a windbreaker in case it got cold up top. I don’t own hiking boots yet, so my Nikes had to make the cut for this one.

We hopped in the car around 7:45am and headed 1.5 hours out to Rocky Mountain National Park from Denver.


The hike we planned to do was Bear Lake trail, but the parking was completely full all day so we drove around the park and found another trail close by– Upper Beaver Meadows

Difficulty level: Easy
Elevation Gain: 114ft
Summary: Being my first hike, this wasn’t that bad, but there was definitely some heavy breathing on the way up. This is a nice, pretty quiet trail with several groups of people on horses along the way. No dogs allowed on this trail. I’d say this was a safe way to dip my toes into the hiking life!
Temperature: 64-70 degrees


Brewery: Wynkoop Brewery (Denver)
Beer: Lush Vibes – Sour Tangerine IPA – American
Brew Review: What do you call a Beer Connoisseur? Yes, I know all things beer, of course. So, Lush Vibes…. oo la la. This beer opened up with a fruity sensation of (you can guess it) baby tangerines! It was open and airy, kind of like a sparkling water, but better. If you like sours, this guy is for you with the perfect amount of bitterness. Just after one 16oz beer, I was feeling it due to the higher altitude.

Check back next week for round two!

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