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Cheers! I’m Moving to Denver!

On June 28th, I will be packing up the Uhaul and making the 26 hour road trip to Denver, Colorado.

For those of you that have been following me for awhile, you know this blog has been from Spain to Missouri to Minnesota to New York. Now it’s time for a new adventure. On June 28th, I will be packing up the Uhaul and making the 26 hour road trip to Denver, Colorado.

After living in NYC for 1.5 years, I’ve learned a whole lot. This is by far my favorite city I’ve ever traveled to or lived in. Manhattan is filled with passion, life, and accepting people. People move here from all over the world because they are adventurous and they’re looking for a life full of opportunities filled with new faces and perspectives. All of my closest and best friends live in NYC. Some I met 10 years ago, others I met 4 months ago. I am incredibly lucky to have these people in my life. That’s the hardest part about leaving this city.

So why I am leaving then? The only thing keeping me out east at this point is my friends. I wish I could say I’ve grown tired of this loud, energetic, and filthy city, but this place still has my heart! Home is where your heart is. And that’s where it gets tough because my half of my heart is in NY, while the other half is in the middle of America.

After losing my brother, my entire world changed instantly. When I first moved to NYC, I was young, careless, and selfish. That might sound cliche, but if you’ve ever experienced an unanticipated loss, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Today, my priorities and mindset are completely different than they were after I graduated college and packed my bags for New York. I don’t have any family out east. Yeah my friends are “family”, but eventually they will get married, start their families, and move out to Philly or New Jersey where their extended families live. My family lives in Oklahoma, Minnesota, Texas, Kansas, and Missouri. So that’s where I need to be, too. Oh, and don’t let me forget…..THANK GOODNESS I moved here and found the best guy, Mac, who is also from Oklahoma.

He went to OU (my brother’s dream school), is obsessed with Baker Mayfield (my brother has a framed picture), and always tries to talk to me about sports (my brother did 24/7).

However, we’re not headed back to Oklahoma, Missouri, or Kansas quite yet though… We still need some type of city feel!

And that’s why we decided on Denver.

Our apartment is a 10 second walk from Union Station and hell, I’ll avoid driving any chance I get. I’ll be hoping on a train or bus the second I set my boxes down, head to a brewery, and then hit the mountains. Life is all about balance, and I think Denver is going to be my balance.

Thank you for all of your love and support. I’m going to miss New York a ton, but the time has come & I’m excited. Big shoutout to the one who convinced me to move here… you know who you are.

“When things change inside you, things change around you”

Also, I’m not on social media, so feel free to reach out at 952-540-7517. Would love to hear from you!

4 comments on “Cheers! I’m Moving to Denver!

  1. kamorosi4

    Addison I just love this! I am so excited for your next chapter and happy you are following your heart. You are brave, kind and strong. ❤️ Love you. Mom.


  2. I’m in Boulder right now. I love Denver. You will love it too

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    • Since I will be in Colorado until July 9th I am looking forward to seeing you before I leave! Please call me when you arrive in Denver. Travel safe. Love Grandad


      • I can’t wait to see you! I’ll be in Oklahoma July 3-7th. I get back to Denver July 7th around 330!


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