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I did 28 ClassPass’ in NYC… This was the #1 class and instructor

Read through to the end to see who I think the best instructor in all of the city is - ClassPass in NYC -

What’s ClassPass? “ClassPass is a monthly fitness membership that provides you with access to thousands of different studios, gyms, and wellness offerings across the world” –

With boutique gyms dominating the fitness industry, ClassPass is killing the game when it comes to giving millennials what they want. Millennials want variety when it comes to getting a workout in. We want ways to fit seeing friends into our busy schedules and also want to try new and trendy studios. That’s why big chain gyms just aren’t making the cut anymore.

Over the course of a few months, I completed 28 Classpass classes across New York City (Just finished one an hour ago!). The classes consisted of a mix of boxing, yoga, cycling, & more. Here’s what I thought.

*Rating on a scale of 1-10 based on a variety of criteria (cleanliness, atmosphere, A+ instructors, motivation/calming, great workout burn, equipment quality, accessibility, good hours of operation, uniqueness)

**EXTRA!!** Read through to see who I think the best instructor in all of the city is


  • M N D F L Heart 30 6/10
  • VERAYOGA 8.5/10
  • bode nyc 7/10
  • Medicine for the Soul Yoga 3/10
  • Yoga & Fitness Herald Square 4/10
  • Yoga Vida 10/10
Yoga Vida is a calming and peaceful yoga studio with incredible lighting. 65 minutes of hot yoga that works both your mind and body. For the last 5 minutes of class the curtains are closed and you feel at peace on your mat. Every instructor is amazing. Location: 666 Broadway, NY


  • Concrete Jungle Grit and Strength Conditioning 9/10
  • Flywheel’s Flybarre 7.5/10
  • Box + Flow 5/10
  • Church St Boxing 9.2/10
Related image
Church Street boxing comes in #1 for all the boxing studios I’ve been to in NYC. If you’re looking for a crazy difficult workout filled with bear crawls, racing up and down flights of stairs with weights, plus a little anger release with some bags.. then this is your spot. Not only was it a great workout, but the instructor helped me understand form and where to position my feet. It was empowering. Location: 52 Walker Street, NY


  • Flywheel 8/10
  • Ryde Cycle 10/10
  • The Monster Cycle 6.5/10
Image result for ryde 45 by revolve
Ryde by Revolve is the ultimate cycling class. I’ve loved all of the instructors here so you can’t go wrong. The music is a 10/10 and the lighting (or lack there of!) gets you feeling motivated. Just like the candle, there’s a burn. Location: 52 e 13th St, NY

AAAAND for the #1 instructor across all of the classes:

James Beggan

James Beggan is an incredible motivator. His positive energy transcends through the entire room. If you walk into class feeling alone or down, he’ll remind you that you’re not alone and you’re doing great. Every time I walk out of class I’m left feeling lighter, happier, more positive, relaxed, and definitely more motivated. Working out can be therapeutic and James is my type of therapy!

Where to find James:

  • You can find James here at Ryde45 in Union Square.
  • You can find James on Instagram

Me after a pretty great workout!!! Try Classpass Right here!

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