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Eat More Kale

A cheeseburger is less $ than a bag of kale. Most millennials are working longer hours, but cannot afford to buy organic foods.

Since I was 2 years old in a high chair back in Kanas City, I was conditioned to understand that fruits and veggies were good for me. I bet that sounds similar to what you were taught as well if you grew up in the United States. Our plates were smothered in green and orange baby food that we grimaced at, but ate it anyways. Eventually we all graduate from the high chair and earn a spot in one of the six chairs at the dinner table. Now we’re around 5 years old and our plates are a mix of chicken, some carbs like rice or potatoes, and a side of green beans or God forbid…. flavorless brussel sprouts.

What I didn’t mention is that I’m the oldest child in my family and that image I painted above was when my parents weren’t divorced and we had a pretty simple life (at least from what I understand).

When you start adding in more distractions like more kids, more soccer practices, more technology, more entertainment, divorces, less time spent with people, we begin to forget how important those fruits and vegetables actually are for our overall wellbeing.

Below are a few reasons why I think healthy food often times isn’t a priority today.

1.Technology is more accessible than ever

Because of today’s technology, the majority of people can work from anywhere, so that’s what they do. Sure I’ll go to Potbelly because it’s across from Starbucks and I can have someone watch my laptop when I walk across the street and check Slack, while talking to my boss on speaker phone while I grab this 1,000 calorie sandwich.

I mean look at all of the tech companies that were founded just in the last few years: Slack, Instagram, Gong, TripActions,, Impactvision, Uber eats, Vestwell, and the list goes on

2. Longer work days

A traditional “9-5” doesn’t exist in many job places anymore. Especially not if you’re in tech. Tech companies are all about “the grind” and “the hustle”. Jeff Bezos says: “When I interview people I tell them, ‘You can work long, hard, or smart, but at you can’t choose two out of three”

In the U.S., 85.8% of men and 66.5% of women work over 40 hours a week

3. Bad food is easier to get than good food

  • There are 14,146 Mcdonald’s in the United States
  • There are 476 Whole Food’s in the United States
  • There are 75 Sweetgreen’s in the United States

In 2015, organic foods were 47% more expensive than non-organics

Most millennials are working longer hours, but cannot afford to buy organic foods. A cheeseburger costs less than a bag of kale.

There are many companies and thought leaders out there that are working to increase awareness around food and talking about food as medicine.

By treating food as medicine and helping every American get easier access to healthy foods like broccoli and organic carrots, we can make healthy eating a priority, even when we’re busier than ever.

Change is critical because 678,000 American die each year due to poor food choices/ because they are healthy food insecure. That’s more than how many people died in the Iraq war in one year (20,000 deaths).

Understanding how different types of food effect our bodies is critical for your mental (food affects your mood) and physical wellbeing. Let’s use kale as an example:


  • Cancer fighting agents live in kale
  • Regularly eating kale helps your eyes and lowers risk of macular degeneration and cataracts
  • Low calorie and high water content is great for your skin

Linked here is a list of mood boosting foods. Eating healthy does so so much more for you than just losing weight.

$22 just for this when I went grocery shopping at Gristedes last night

If you want to start getting more organic fruits and vegetables into your diet, I highly recommend checking out Misfits.

Misfits is a company that is making healthy food more accessible to busy Americans all across the US.

Today, you can get an assorted box of produce delivered right to your door.

Not only are you making your body happy, but by participating you’re breaking the cycle of food waste.  Billions of pounds of this fresh and ready to eat food “is tossed each year because grocery stores only want “perfect” foods on their shelves”.

How is Misfits helping more people?

  • Global food waste generates 3.3 billion tons of carbon dioxide annually, making it one of the single biggest contributors to planet-harming emissions.
  • Misfits’ produce is up to 50% cheaper than grocery store prices, so your savings add up fast (I know from experience!)
  • They support local agriculture. By purchasing food that would otherwise go to waste regional farmers generate extra income.

It can be a challenge to be healthy and fully understand how food affects our quality of life. However, I believe it’s something each and everyone of us needs to invest in. What we put into our bodies is what we will get out— energy, positivity, mindfulness.

Hopefully one day healthy fruits and vegetables will be easily accessible for every American and those outside of America as well. Each day we get closer by spreading awareness, creating change, and founding amazing businesses.

Enjoy your weekend & make some celery juice Saturday AM!

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