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What every man should have in a NYC apartment

"However, we all know wine is more important than dental hygiene".

Moving to a new city can be tough. Moving into a 200 – 450 sqf apartment in New York City can be tougher.

Whether you’re starting from scratch and buying all new things or you’re giving your apartment a little TLC, here’s what you need to take your home to the next level.

One. Headboard / Bed frame

From Amazon ($185)

A mattress on the floor is a no go. Take my word for it guys, you want a bed with 4 legs and a back. You can thank me later.

Two. Wine Glasses

From Crate & Barrel – set of 6

In a NYC apartment, it’s challenging to find the space for a toothbrush, let alone a set of wine glasses. However, we all know wine is more important than dental hygiene.

Three. Broom + Swiffer

Check it out at Target or Bed Bath and Beyond

Let’s take a minute to thank Joy Mangano for her Miracle Mop creation back in the 90’s. The evolution of the mop has advanced even further since then. Men, you can now get a broom for $9.99 and a Swiffer for around $12. They’re both skinny and will fit just right behind the door. A tiny tidy space will make you feel just a tad less cramped.

Four. Couch

Buy it here on sale at World Market

Even though you’re working with a smaller space, a nice couch is vital. Kick your feet up on the coffee table, turn Netflix on and you’re all set after a long day of work.

Five. Towels

An inexpensive essential! Leave those old college towels at your parent’s house, it’s time to buy 2-4 towels to spice up your bachelor pad bathroom. Hang two up and the other 1-2 are put away for guests.

Six. Candles

Alexa, please play “I’d Do Anything For Love” on Spotify. Just like Meatloaf is the ultimate classic of love songs, candles are the ultimate classic of setting the mood. Flick on the match and light a candle to warm-up your home.

Seven. Speaker

Buy it at

Speaking of Alexa & Spotify….. Make sure you have a good speaker. This doesn’t need to be some amped up surround sound macho set-up. A portable Bose speaker will do the trick.

Eight. Coffee Maker

$140 at Target

Personally, I enjoy making a pot of coffee every morning so a Keurig isn’t for me. My boyfriend has this great coffee maker that grinds the beans and makes the coffee all at the same time. It’s quick, easy, and sleek.

Nine. Cooking Utensils

Stir the pasta with a wooden spoon and flip burgers with a nice spatula. If real men wear pink, then real men wear an apron.

Ten. Separate shampoo & conditioner

Check it out on Amazon

If you’re still using a 3 in 1... I am weeping. Your hair will thank you when you throw that nonsense in the trash and invest in something slightly more age appropriate.

Eleven. Books

Start your collection

A wise man from the city of Rome named Cicero once said “A room without books is like a body without a soul” Looking at someone’s collection of books can say a lot about the person they are. Choose wisely, boys.

Twelve. Blanket

Urban Outfitters

Aerghwernkvkeriot. <– A girl’s excitement about an extra large and cozy blanket. A nice blanket is aesthetically pleasing and pairs well with that candle you just ordered. Throw it over the couch when you’re away.

Happy Shopping!

4 comments on “What every man should have in a NYC apartment

  1. Addison,
    Has love reading your Blog‼️ I’d like to hire you to write a black g about real estate.

    Andrew Thomas & Ann Salyer Cox your Churchill-Brown Luxury Realtors 🏡 ☎️405-888-6400🖥 🖥


  2. Don Amorosi

    What about the neon genesee beer sign (eBay) ……Meatloaf ultimate classic love songs??? You’re in Sinatra and Billy Joel country!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dad, you’re not wrong about the eBay sign. I’ll include that in “what every man 50 years and older needs in his beach house”


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