The Top 4 Youtubers

My day one, my OG, my inspiration: Whitney Simmons

As I sit in bed propped up against a couple of white pillows, I have to admit to the fact that I’m also watching a few videos from the best lifestyle Youtube bloggers out there right now.

Youtube is my new thing.

Need interior design tips: Watch the gals

Want to learn the difference between foundation and concealer: Watch the gals

Looking to get fit like whit: Watch influencer and fitness champ Whitney Simmons

 one. Whitney Simmons

Get fit with Whit. Health. Fitness. Inspiration. Based in Utah.

My day one, my OG, my inspiration. Fun fact: Whitney and I went to middle school and part of high school together when I use to live out in good ole Mason, OH. Whitney and I had a few mutual friends and tbh I was not a fan of her. BUT NOW… I WORSHIP HER. Oh, and my entire family sings her praises as well. 

Whitney created her own clothing brand (linked), is a GymShark girl, grew her Youtube from the ground up, and has a variety of sponsorships and endorsements. Plus she has two adorable puppies who make appearances in her videos.

Right now, Whitmis is up and live.

Tune into Whitney’s take on Christmas to get fitness tips, nutrition tips, beauty tips, and free giveaways. And remember, “It’s a beautiful day to be alive”

Youtube Channel

two. SMLx0

Stephanie Ledda. Makeup. Beauty. Lifesytle

Stephanie is simply gorgeous. Her hair is hair goals. On her channel, she’ll walk you through different types of makeup routines with tutorials like “burgundy glam” with the Naked Cherry palette or “olive-toned fall GRWM”.

She also films affordable clothing hauls from places like Lulu’s and Target. 

Youtube Channel

three. BestDressed

Ashley. Student. Fashion. Thrifting. Humor. Based in California.

Ashley, you make me laugh. This chick makes me lol every time I watch her. Her whit definitely matches her grit. I’m now looking to move to Cali, find her apartment complex, and kick out her current neighbor so I can creepily laugh through the thin walls at everything she says.

Ashley not only offers up great ideas of how to decorate a small apartment or how to sew, but she’s also very relatable, saying things like “because I’m an indecisive piece of crap.

Want to take a trip down memory lane with some Ferris Bueller’s day off? Follow Ashley’s day off 

Youtube Channel

four. Amanda RachLee

AmandaRachLee. Bullet Journal. Lettering. Drawing.

Amanda is an artistic genius.

Watching her TomBrow brush strokes is remarkably soothing. She was my bullet journal inspiration and the reason I bought two excessively large black and forest green journals. Amanda helped me create monthly planners, fitness trackers, and other exciting organizational hacks. 

Worth mentioning – Amanda also has a beautiful apartment that she’ll take you on a tour of. In this video, you will see where she got her amazing furniture and art as she walks you through her kitchen to the living room to the bedroom. 

Youtube Channel

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