Be Selective with who you surround yourself with

Be selective with who you surround yourself with.

Best friend: noun. A person’s closest friend.

This evening I could sense myself getting slightly testy around 5pm EDT. I furiously bit my nonexistent nails while glancing at my phone trying to not go into a venting whirlwind. (period plz hurry up)

I’m an extremely expressive and extroverted person. Meaning, when I have something on my mind, I want to get it off my chest immediately by talking about it with someone. Not just someone I’ve texted recently or a stranger on Hinge (single girl life!!), but an actual sincere friend. Thankfully, I have dependable girlfriends and guy friends that know this about me and listen when that’s what I need.

These thoughtful friendships didn’t happen overnight. They formed through mutual respect and appreciation for each other. They tell me when I’m being an arrogant son of a bitch and I tell [them] when [they’re] being a pain in the ass because that’s how genuine friendships operate. AKA caring about someone enough to be real with them. Sounds simple and straightforward, doesn’t it?

However, it isn’t always so simple because you get those girls who run around calling people “best friend” 5 minutes after they tell you they like raspberry chocolate chip ice cream too. And quite frankly, people that do this act need to grow up. Friendships take work. If you’re not investing in the meaningful ones, you’re going to end up with lower quality relationships. Spreading yourself too thin means you’re missing out on meaningful connections. So, if you have 17 best friends, you’re lying to yourself. 

giphy (1).gif

On the other side of that extreme, if you only invest in one person, let me know how you’re feeling when that market crashes.

No one is going to be a perfect friend at all times, but when one of your friends is biting their nails, be Britney’s friend. giphy.gif

When your friend who you love needs a mini pep talk because they’re going through a psycho moment, be Amy Poehler giphy (2).gif

And be dependable! Humans can only take so many excuses until you’re like

giphy (5).gif

Cause we only got so many hours in this life. Spend that time with people who you can count on.

giphy (6).gif

PS if you feel like you always need to be around people, you most definitely do not. That’s something I’m working on becoming comfortable with. Especially because I use to be a “habitual dater” oops!



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