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Workouts + Nutrition + Habit Changes – Summer 2018

Today, I'm writing about a few habit changes I'm trying out.

Happy Sunday, lovelies! 

Sunday is typically my day off from the gym. Okay, let’s be honest. Saturday tends to be an off day as well. Sunday is usually spent recovering from some brutal hangover from brunching all day then continuing the fun by staying out all night.

It’s New York City, there’s never not something to do. 

a7edeb393054ce7484cabedd4c96510bThis weekend I drifted away from my weekend habits and headed to the gym on Saturday and Sunday morning (took Friday off). I still made it to brunch on Saturday for Cinco De Mayo but was home by 8pm. WOOT! Speaking of brunch, we went to Carroll’s place on Bleeker street. Super cute, two-story restaurant with $35 bottomless brunch for 2 hours. 

With warm weather right around the corner, I’m trying to be more mindful of what I’m putting into my body. Less eating out, more meal prep. I’ve also been stricter with my workout schedule AKA fewer excuses! My gym is just around the corner from my apartment in Upper East Side. #CRUNCH

Today, I’m writing about a few habit changes I’m trying out.

1. Gym memberships

  • Crunch. I use to belong to all locations in NY for $125/month but recently switched over to one location in the UES for $78. My reasoning: There are soooo many gyms and studios in NYC, so I want to broaden my horizons this summer. 
  • ILoveKickboxing. 10 classes, 1 personal training session, and kickboxing gloves for $52. WOWOWOW. I found this awesome deal on Groupon and they have locations across the US. 
  • Class Pass. I may try this out, especially because a lot of my friends do it so we could do some classes together. + There’s a free trial round!

2. Tone It Up (Bikini Series)

Image result for tone it up

  • Workouts + Nutrition for 8 weeks. (Fact: Losing weight is 80% of what you eat, 20% working out!) Check out the Tone It Up Girls here!
  • I’m excited to start this tomorrow because my friend and I are doing it together so we can hold each other #accountable 

3. Meal Prep

  • Meal prep is essential for busy people. Who has time to make lunch and dinner every single day?? Not I. I’ve been meal prepping lunches for a couple of years, but I haven’t been super strict about it. Meal prepping helps keep me on track with my eating. Less eating out, more meal prep. I usually meal prep on Monday night and make 5 meals for the rest of the week. Easy to grab and go when you’re off to work!
  • Need help meal prepping?

4. Reading + Podcasts


  • Book time. I’ve actively been working on reading more. The two books I am currently reading are: The Hate U Give and Girl Logic. It’s extremely important to take a “whole person approach” to health! Reading is a great break from technology and it’s relaxing. 
  • Podcasts. I’ve been an active podcast listener for years. In the mornings before work, I wake up, make tea, and listen to “The Daily” for a daily news update. Podcasts can help:
    • Inspire you
    • Motivate you / Personal and professional growth
    • Stay informed
    • Optimize your time – walking, driving, working, getting ready, etc

5. Water Tracker

  • I downloaded a free water tracking app this morning before the gym. Getting 52+ ounces of H20/day is critical! If you are active, this # shoots up towards the low-mid 70s. 
  • The app tracks all the beverages you consume and adjusts. Say you have two glasses of wine, then the app tracks how much water you need to recover and make up the lost water. 
  • Benefits of getting enough water (Fact: Water makes up 85% of your brain!)

My Workout Schedule

Personally, I like to plan out my workouts in advance. This helps me stay organized and to better understand the consistency in which muscles I am working.

Monday: Leg day

Tuesday: Back and Bis (MY FAV!)

Wednesday: Chest and tris

Thursday: Leg day 2.0 

Friday: Shoulders 

Saturday or Sunday: Whatever I’m in the mood for. I usually try to do more cardio

Additional: Kickboxing (1-hour class) will be worked in 1-2x/week for the next few weeks starting Tuesday, May 8.

If you’re looking to lose weight and tone up you will want to do lower weight more reps. If you’re trying to “bulk” you’ll lean more towards higher weight, less reps.

Summer is right around the corner! XO

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