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Should I move to New York City?

I’ve had crazzzy writer’s block since I’ve moved to the city that never sleeps. Fortunately, I saw a man tonight that looked liked a diluted Steve from Blue’s Clues. He has inspired my writing buzz.  Two thumbs up!

Image result for steve from blue's clues

Ever moved to a new city? I’ve moved a handful of times, bur never 110% by myself. Don’t kid yourself, college DON’T COUNT. Everyone’s new there! You feel comfortable singing in the shower and making vines out of it because who gives a fuck.

Moving to New York City is a different singing in the shower with new people kinda deal. You’ve gotta be careful for diluted Steve’s and $3.50 bottled waters.

It’s the loudest city. So loud that a single human can pretty much drown out all the honking horns, broken speech, and clinking garbage cans because you’re wondering what you should actually pay attention to. FACT: you can do all of this without apple wireless headphones, which means you also won’t look like a futuristic alien in a peacoat.

It’s a city drowning in neutrals. You’ve gotta be a bright light in a city that dresses like they’re attending a funeral every 1/2 hour.  I was walking to work yesterday in a fluorescent pink sweater and matching 50 shades of pink fuzzy scarf. That’s not everyday for me, but hell it was memorable.

It’s the “you + me together” city. You feel like you can do anything here, because you truly can if you put your mind to it. Wanna be a partime dog walker? Move to NYC. Wanna be a professional street dancer? Move to NYC. Wanna be a CEO of a tech company? Move to NYC. Wanna throw an egg at a model Donald Trump? Move to NYC.

^^ All of the above takes hard work,  strategic positioning, and patience. Make your mark.

It’s a city where you get to meander underneath the best skyline walking to work every morning. Sorrrrry Chi-town. You may be the birthplace of the skyscraper, but NYC gets first place. iPhones need to cease and desist because I turn into a tourist every time I walk out my door.

Tonight I slid off the subway at 86th St after a mojito happy hour in Times Square. My knee length black coat was zipped and buttoned all the way to my chin. I really should have fast-walked home to the warmth of my cozy two-bedroom apartment, but I couldn’t resist a little bodega stuffed with flowers a block walk.

The rainbow of flowers always stand out to me, but I never stop. After two mojitos, I was gifted the liquid courage to spend the $10 on some purple and white flowers for apartment 12. It’s the city where you can buy flowers at any hour of any day.

Did I mention I also grabbed a pack of chicken ramen…..  In my defense, I haven’t gotten paid yet. I’m currently swimming in my fluffy white duvet switching between slurping ramen out of the ceramic white bowl and resisting typos in this blog. image.png <—- I wish I was boujee enough to have this ramen. But I’m MUCH to lazy too seek out some fancy ramen place that’s probably only 500 feet from my

See you at brunch this weekend!

For me, New York is comfortable, not strange. Karl Lagerfeld


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