2018: Women Empowerment, Positivity, Goal Setting, Opportunities.

January 1, 2018

What are everyone’s new years resolutions for 2018?  I haven’t quite pinned mine down yet.

I’m not a big holiday girl, but I really do love New Years. New Years Eve is such carefree night and everyone looks so pretty. I’m a hopeless romantic, but I am ALL about the 12:00am kiss. I love how happy everyone is and the huge smiles that fill the room, it feels magical.

New Years Day:

I woke up this morning around 9:00am in a twin size bed full of small dogs. The little black one was snuggled up against my stomach and the raggedy white one was nestled under my feet. It’s always nice waking up to furry pups, but the best part was… dun dun dun. NO HANGOVER!!! This is the first NYE I haven’t gone out in years and wowowow, waking up and being productive on the first day of the new year, no bullshit, felt amazing. A hot bath, medium pizza, and a couple glasses of champagne finished off 2017 for me.

After crawling out of bed, I let all three of the beasts out into the crunchy white snow, fed them breakfast, then let them out again for round 2. Next up was the grocery store to grab some breakfast essentials (coffee) and a few appetizers for the OU game. Archer is a mega University of Oklahoma football fan and today is the Rose Bowl, so I figured he’d want a few yummy snacks. The glaring “finishing packing” bullet point on my To-Do list was the next item of business that caught my eye. Currently staring at a giant ski-like bag across my room packed with the last minute shoes, coats, yoga pants, etc. Okay, thats a relief though. Packing your life into boxes and bags to move 18 hours across the US is not the easiest task! Before taking a minute to chill, I cleaned up the kitchen and living room so my mom could breath when she gets home from work.

Now its 3:25pm and I’m sitting back in my twin size bed sipping out of a maroon ceramic coffee mug filled with warm tea, writing about my first steps into 2018.

365 new days. 365 new chances

Let’s walk into 2018 with an open mind.

Let’s make it a year of positivity, opportunity, and genuity (Having genuine character. Sounds waaay better than genuineness). If life doesn’t seem as amazing as you think it could be, start making the changes to get to where you’d like to be. Start today. Set goals. Take small steps. Self-improvement is critical! Before you can help others, you have to help yourself. Put your oxygen mask on first.

Challenge yourself. I always feel hugely accomplished when I complete something I never thought I could do.

Challenge: For 21 days, do one thing to take care of yourself, every day.

For all the girls and women out there— Be a woman who ignites a fire in other women around you. Let’s build each other up!

Compliment other women more.

Empower other women more.

Help other women more.

Remember, an alpha woman is pro-female.

And on that note, Hello 2018. 

Let’s watch some football.



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