College Educated, TYSM Mizzou

College educated, she graduated! (well, almost…. just gotta pass this Money, Banking, and Investing exam Monday night) .    🙂

I remember sitting in my white wood kitchen at Tanagers Point in Excelsior, MN as a senior in high school, flipping through a handful of acceptance letters from a variety of colleges around the midwest. You know how they say New Yorkers think the midwest is a wasteland of just one giant state? Well, apparently I had the same mindset because I didn’t apply to a single school outside of the midwest.


Thank goodness I didn’t because I ended up at the best fitting school for me: The University of Missouri. However, a few of my close friends from freshman year would beg to differ as I took a quick semester break from Mizzou & went back to Minnesota.

Yes, I transferred second semester freshman year.

As much as my friend Amy wants to say this was 100% because of some dude she is WRONG. Okay, she’s 95% wrong… Anyways, before my first year of college I had never been to an overnight camp, I hated sleepovers because I liked to go home to my own bed, I begged my parents to stay with me at soccer practices. What I’m trying to say is I’m a little needy when it comes to the security of my mom and dad. All that paired with having a horrible experience with my roommate I was like “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I’m giving up on Mizzou and Hatch (freshman year dorm)!!!”

kevin            ellie

So, my dad was stoked that I was going to be closer to home. My mom was like, “Addison, I really think you should try to ride this out”. I ended up attending The University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN for a semester.

I had a great time. Met cool people. Froze my ass off.

morgs   chloe.jpg  liz.jpg

It was time to go back to Mizzou. I remember calling my two best friends, Mikey and Katie, and hesitantly said, “Guys….. I think I’m gonna have to sit down and talk to my dad… cause I need to come back at Mizzou”.  Yeah, Don wasn’t happy this time. He eventually began to understand that I needed to be back in mid-Missouri where all exciting life and news-worthy events occur.

So, I packed up my bags in the reliable Honda CRV & headed back to the promise land: Missouri.

Mikey met me at Tri delt, my sorority at the time, and helped me move in all of my unnecessary crap.

I was nervous.

I didn’t know the girls as well as a lot of the others since I left for a couple minutes. Luckily, I got the best roommate anyone could ever ask for: Ashley Rhoades AKA Smash. A girl who ends up putting period pads all over my walls and starts calling me “Pads” (a nickname that eventually catches on…. lovely). At the start of the semester, I vividly remember her frequent nightly excursions to ATO and leaving her purple Christmas-like lights on above her bed. In summary, this is how we became friends because I was a freak and too scared to turn off her lights, so I asked her if I could by messaging her on Facebook…….. Nice!smash

LOTS and lots of memories in that house. I lived in Tri Delt for a year and eventually moved into an apartment known as Brookside. I lived at Brookside for 2 years, but took a quick semester break (AGAIN, sorry) and moved to Seville, Spain.

Seville, Spain: I love you so much.

Most of all, I love my amazing friends who I met through this experience. I went to Spain knowing no one. That’s the reason I picked this program with CIEE. I wanted to go into a new experience with a totally open mind. Very very happy with the decision I made because I met some of my best friends, 4 of which I get to live next to in a month in NYC!! I’m actually living NEXT DOOR to my friend Tim. What a small world.

spain.jpg tenerife.jpgriver

After a semester in Spain, I again, return to the University of Missouri. My two roommates saw a different side of me. They didn’t know how to talk to me anymore.

I was a mess.

I had a very difficult time adjusting to life back in the USA. Reverse culture shock. This caused a bit of turmoil in apartment 406.

Eventually, I get a dog. More turmoil! Another idiot move by Addison!

Eventually, I give the dog to my mom. More turmoil! I love you, mom!

Finally, everything goes back to normal. I’m back to the wine-loving, croc wearing, nail-biting, music blaring girl I was since I started my college career. Courtney can attest to all of this.

But you know what the craziest part of all of this is? The wrapping up part.


Bryant University Sales Competition in Rhode Island where I placed 3rd. I didn’t know any of these people a month ago. Now I consider all of them my friends. ONE MIZZOU 🙂


I’m sitting here in my District Flats 2 bedroom apartment looking through the pictures of the quick 4.5 years spent at 3 universities. Pictures of us wandering through countless fraternities, our Halloweens at Madison, WI, football tailgates, weekend trips, binge-watching mindless shows, Cha Cha slide in Hatch, Spring break in Gulf Shores, a variety of boyfriends …who remembers my Spanish boyfriend?? ;), after bars because our bars close ridiculously early, and so many more memories.

College is an amazing experience. It’s a balance of getting decent-good-great grades and doing fun, exciting, memorable stuff.

It’s a balance of having ups and having downs and learning how to deal with both.

College teaches you how to live with people, which isn’t always roses and butterflies.

It’s a balance of trying new things, but not feeling like you have to do EVERYTHING. #FOMO

I am so happy and grateful that I was given the opportunity to experience a giant, fun-filled, loving university. I am also #blessed that my school offers student charge.. HAH.


I want to thank my parents for being the most supportive people in my life. Mom and Dad, you know how much I love you and appreciate you guys. You have given me many incredible opportunities throughout the last 22.5 years of my life. I wouldn’t of been able to do any of the amazing things I’ve done without you. May sound cliche, but it’s not at all.

Thank you, Mizzou for introducing me to my home. I have met the most incredible people here. Fuck the Blues.

Tonight is Stop Day Eve.  (Stop day=No classes the Friday before exams) Which means I have to go out even though I have a presentation for a competition tomorrow at 9am. Bring on the Pedialyte, baby.

"Drink some coffee and pretend like you're not hungover"

grad amy.jpg




I will always love you
Friendsgiving with my favorite Billy Goat
From Minnetonka High School to Mizzou

Major: Business Marketing. Minor: Psychology Certificates: Multicultural Certificate, Sales Competition Finalist, Target Competition Winner, A&S Scholarship, Green Dot Certified

ONTO NYC!  #TheGoodLife #Healthcare

Best of luck to everyone who is starting college and finishing. XOXO

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