This is Us

Season 2  episode 1 of “This Is Us” premiered last night, September 26th, and of course I consumed every minute of it the second I got out of class for the day. Well, I watched it through blurred vision with the edge of my contacts turned black from the tear soaked mascara…..

Okay yes– I am a slightly emotional girl in her 20’s, who is about to graduate college, and who is possibly too emotionally invested in a fictional TV series. That being said, if this show doesn’t bring at least A TEAR to your eyes, you quite possibly may be a close relative of Hannibal Lector (note: that means you would be raising the bar of your classic fictional psychopath). 

# of tear ups in 50 minutes: +/- 25.


this is us

My point: People who watch this show love it because everyone can relate in some way or another. We’ve got divorce, sibling rivalry, triplets (“The Big 3”), death, birth, rejection, personal shortcomings being openly talked about….. I could go on. *Props to you writers, directors, & actors*

This Is Us is an incredibly engaging series that intertwines the least expected people while demonstrating the power and importance of family and human relationships.

Holy crap, you’re going to freak out when you see how awesome your dad is. You’re going to be big fans.”

This overwhelmingly emotional show triggered me to take a breath, lean back in my bed with a little Bon Iver, and engage in one of my favorite pastimes: writing.

This Is Us: Amorosi Family — from the oldest sibling’s reflection

A v e r yave

  • Strength: Her smile and laugh. She’s my favorite person to hug
  • Most irritating thing she does: Avery is NOT the best communicator…
  • Where I think she’d thrive: Having her own veterinary practice with little staff and an abundance of animals somewhere in like Colorado or Montana. The best way to get feeling out of her is to put a dog in front of her.


A s h b e y

  • Strength: Overcoming adversity. She is also the least judgmental person I have ever met
  • Most irritating thing: Sleeps in way too late and stays up WAY too late on the phone…. PET PEEVE!!!
  • Where I think she’d thrive: As a motivational speaker, traveling all over the USA. Everyone loves her and she loves everyone.

A r c h e rarch

  • Strength: He puts his whole heart into the things he cares about (We’re the same in this regard)
  • Most irritating thing she does: He does a lot of irritating shit, but he’s also only a sophomore in high school… so I’ll cut the little man some slack
  • Where I think he’d thrive: In the far, far future I think archer would make an amazing football and mentor coach for kids in underserved areas of the US.

M i n i  M o m (Kara)mom

  • Strength: My mom listens. She doesn’t take my side if I’m doing something wrong, rather she tells me the right thing to do and 9/10 she’s right.
  • Most irritating thing she does: She takes a long time to get something done…. Mom, you gotta utilize task lists with deadlines and your stress will decrease!
  • Where I think she thrives: My mom is the happiest when she’s in the gym or at church. I think she’d be amazing at helping kids struggling with their weight. Right now, she thrives at being the #1 person I call when I need validation or advice on relationships/ life.

D o n (Dad)

  • Strength: He is THE best dad, like THE Ohio State. This is the one person in my family that makes me tear up writing this.
  • Most irritating thing he does: He puts his kids before everything and this scares me because one day we’ll all grow up. He won’t have high school football games to watch, my apartment bill to pay, kids to worry about. He also needs to work on his EQ 🙂
  • Where I think he thrives: My dad is very good at a lot of things (cliche sounding, huh? SORRY)  He’s amazing in the healthcare industry, he’s annoyingly good at cleaning, he is great with doing what he says he’s going to– a lot of people aren’t.

“Because we’re good together.” -This Is Us


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  1. This is pretty awesome Add’s. I loved it. And you


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