Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Time!!!!!

As we get closer to Christmas and the holidays *10 days* (wait what really??? I’ve been so wrapped up in finals I just had to check the handy Christmas clock and thought is was wrong, oh my.)

Back to where I started… Christmas is right around the corner. With that, I thought It’d be fun if I did a short and sweet post about a few of my favorite things like brown paper packages tied up in string.

[Gift Ideas 101]

1) Hot Yoga Classes

I use to really hate yoga. I didn’t think of it as a workout and saw it more as a waste of time. I coulda been lifting!!! I recently started getting into hot yoga at @sumitshotyoga and have had a change of heart. It’s an exercise for your body AND mind in a peaceful, yet challenging environment. If 60-80 minutes in a 105 degree room doesn’t challenge you then DAMN GIRL, teach me your ways. I have noticed my stress levels dramatically decrease, which is a major pro. Shit, I still bite my nails like a lunatic, but we’re getting somewhere. #oralfixation<– Freud, couldn’t you of thought of a better name???

Recommended Places: CorePower Yoga, Sumits Hot Yoga Columbia MO

2) Candles

Have you ever been to Marshalls? Did you walk out with 10+ candles for under $35? (You were secretly wishing you had a third arm to carry a few more, I know it). Marshalls candle isle is my little slice of Heaven.

Candles in general just softly scream *positive vibes* and maybe I’m a little too in love. I currently have two lit in my room to make this chilly day a little warmer.

Recommended Brands: dw candles (personal fav), urban market candles, anthropologie, Biren & Co  —Popsugar has some thoughts on Candles as well.

3) Workout Clothes

Girl, if you’re gonna do hot yoga/ hit the gym you’re gonna need some fun workout clothes. Workout clothes can be a bank breaker, but with companies like Fabletics and the Yoga Outlet you can find some steals. Lately I’ve been very into those crop top sports bras and of course, high wasted yoga pants. Yeah suck it in for me cause I’m incapable.

Recommended Brands: Lulu Lemon, Athleta, Beyond Yoga, GAP (love, love, love), Zella, Onzie

4) Records/Record Player

I found old .50 records at Goodwill at the beginning of the semester and hung them up as decorations and then found my roommates record player. She turned me into a record lovin freak. The sound is great and it’s just a fun and different way to listen to music. My phone always dies because 23/24 hours of the day I’m listening to Spotify.

I’ve been a huge Ben Rector fan for awhile and I can’t wait to order one of his vinyls off Amazon 🙂

Recommended Places: Amazon, Urban Outfitters, Vintage stores

5) Monthly Wine Club

Winc! Join for free, cancel whenever, have the gift of wine to your doorstep. I LOVE WINE. Maybe I get this trait from my dad and his extensive wine cellar, idk, but man a glass a day keeps the worry away. Also, the bottles the wine comes in from #ClubW are absolutely adorable. At Apt 406, we save our wine bottles as decorations because we’re cheap college kids who also like to show off the fact that we can drink lol ;). Try this neat personalized wine club, gals!

6) Rebecca Minkoff

Follow on insta for updates and check out her website for a gift guide. There’s always a ton of new handbags. I have two at the moment. The crossbody bags are the perfect going out bag. Also, @courtney just got these crazy dope deep blue velvet booties, I’m obsessed. BOYS: There’s stuff for you too!

7) Plane Ticket

I miss my best friend from study abroad. Jackie, if you’re reading this, #7 is for you! (PSA: there is zero chance Jackie Mcdonald is reading this blog post right now or ever, she’s super sassy about me blogging. Fantastic friend!)

Traveling is the best thing money can buy. I love experiencing new places by myself and with people I love being with. Take a trip to Chicago or heck, head over to Australia for a few weeks! #googleflights

“Fill your life with adventures. Have stories to tell.”

8) Art

I really love interesting paintings or photographs of places I’ve been and of places on my bucket list. I think art is a huge conversation starter, which is why I try to decorate my room in cool postcards, photos, records, flags, etc. Certain art makes me feel cozy 🙂 We love home decor!

Even a lot of yoga towels come in amazing patterns and graphics.

Recommended Places: Etsy, Yoga Zeal, Vintage stores/boutiques, Society 6, Urban Outfitters, 

9) Oversized Sweaters & Oversized Scarves

A girl’s two best friends. This is nothing new. My whole feed on Pinterest is a variety of XL sweaters that everyone wish’s were in their closet. Pros: You instantly look cute with minimal effort, you can unbutton your jeans and no one will ever know, and try a hot beverage in an oversized sweater…. COZY TO THE MAX.

Think of your boyfriend’s hoodie… yeah oversized sweaters are that to us single girls. Hey, I’ll what I can get, thank you Nordstrom LOL.

Happy Shopping!

I’ll be sitting at home in my new Rudolf the red nose reindeer slippers!!! #greatbuy #walmart #stockingstuffer

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