Halloween Came Early


More people should be dressing up their dogs rather than themselves after work. Cause this clown epidemic is batty.

The other night one of my roommates was walking home from the library and heard creepy laughs in the near distance. Okay, so it’s October and it’s pitch black outside, no one needs to add strange and obscure laughs to that equation. But it gets even more “not-normal”. Out pops a clown.

It’s not October 31 yet. Why is this nonsense happening so much that it’s making headline news?! 2016= The Donald and The Clowns. Who’s worse?


A few days ago on October 7 in Farmington, Minnesota “Bobo the clown” stated that he would be visiting a handful of schools during their lunchtime. Chief of Police, Brian Lindquist, was beyond fed up and sarcastically said he was, “Looking forward to making your acquaintance” in his letter to Bobo.

Come to find out, apparently their was no creepy old bored clown-man wandering around schools, but rather a child trying to scare his friend. If the arrest toll wasn’t up to 30 maybe the police dept. would of disregarded a call about a clown, but the clown-threats are actually making people extremely uneasy.

(Link to Article mentioned above)

A lot of what’s been going on with the clown-craze is pranksters attempting to be funny, but the situation has the potential to escalate. Like it did in Pennsylvania.

And where did it all begin??

Greenville, South Carolina, August 20, 2016.

Someone reported that they saw a clown (or several possibly) whispering and making unusual noises. I’d report that crap too.

Social Media presence?

Clown lovers, it’s your lucky time. There are a countless number of clown Instagram accounts floating around. One account is dedicated to “clown sightings” with videos that I am too scared to watch. But if you’re into that sorta thing…. @clownsspotteds.

#ClownLivesMatter is likely to popup on your Twitter feed.

clown-blog-2     clown-blog-5

Clown news is still popping up all over, but I’m thinking this strange experiment will come to an end shortly. People, be more creative for Halloween. Don’t be a creepy clown dude. Not original.

Ps not all clowns are out to get you. There are plenty of good clowns as Stephen King tweeted:

Hey, guys, time to cool the clown hysteria—most of em are good, cheer up the kiddies, make people laugh.


1 comment on “Halloween Came Early

  1. Don Amorosi

    What ever happened to Dracula, Frankenstein, Jason and Freddy Kruger? Those were the good old days.


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