You’re my Cup of TEA

Picture this:

You’re walking through your front door after finishing up another day at the office. You had a good day. Ate a healthy and filling salad, meetings went well, day pretty much flew by. Ain’t this a good hump day? However, you still make a bee line to the stairs to get out of those stiff pants and whip off that bra, too. Your extremely comfy and fuzzy Victoria’s Secret robe is calling your name from across your bedroom. Ahhh sigh of relief. So much better now. OK now, wouldn’t it be nice to make a little cup of hot tea? I think so.

I have this obsession with tea. It’s no secret. I like big cups of tea and I cannot lie. If you follow me on snapchat you know exactly what I’m talking about. I’m sorry, but those little quotes get me every time.

tea blog2

“Uplift everybody and uplift yourself” -Yogi 

^^Tearing the tea package open to a surprise quote is a small thing I find a lot of joy in and it never ever gets old.


Teavana, Yogi, Tazo, Celestial, are some of my favorite cups of tea… I’m steeply in love with them all. 

So, some more good news: tea is super good for you. It’s been around for thousands of years and it is here to stay for thousands more. Here are some awesome things tea can do for you:

  • Can help with concentration and relaxation
  • Can lower blood pressure
  • Can clean up your skin
  • Can wake you up
  • Can make you smile really big
  • Tea= water=happy body

Sometimes when I’m craving a little something sweet, I grab my Teavanna tea brewer and make a delicious cup of tea in under 5 minutes. Why does this matter Addison??? Because tea is healthier than my mom’s chocolatey brownies, therefore I don’t feel guilty or mad at myself post consumption :).

Tea always calms me down.

It’s silently commanding me to take a chill pill and relax for a few minutes. Sorry, can’t talk right now I’m drinking my miracle magical potion, be back in 5.

Having something hot in your hands is a soothing mechanism for many people. Physical warmth is shown to lower stress and anxiety. Here’s another way to think about it: ever step into a sauna, lay down a towel, then lay yourself down on the towel and feel a sense of relief and relaxation?  Mmmmm I love sweating.

Fun fact about Addison: Tea in a perfect ceramic coffee cup + coffee house Spotify music= key to my heart.


I think you should try some tea. It really does work wonders. I am currently sipping on

Maharaja Chai O0long & Samurai Chai Mate Oolong Tea

Steep time: 3 minutes       Dose: 1-1.5tsp       Brand: Teavana       Benefits: Lower LDL levels



If you want to learn some more about Tea (YOU DO!!), check out some recently published articles:

10 health benefits of drinking tea

Calm down quickly

Types of Tea and what they do


PS: thank you Pinterest for your amazing library of tea images

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