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Back in the USA

One of the greatest journeys of my life has recently come to and end and I am back in the wonderful United States of America. And it is wierd...! AKA reverse cultural shock is in full swing.

Hello Lake Minnetonka 🙂

One of the greatest journeys of my life has recently come to and end and I am back in the wonderful United States of America. And it is wierdddd….! AKA reverse cultural shock is in full swing.

I found an organic restaurant in Uptown on S Girard Ave that I am currently writing live from. It’s called Agra Culture. It got 4.7 stars and so far, so good. I got the Middle Eastern Plate which consists of

chicken            harissa           taztiki             couscous            cauliflower            & yam wedges 

So yummy with a big kick of spice in each bite of chicken! But since when do I really care that much about organic stuff? Wellllll, since I gained 10 pounds in Europe… EEK! So, I’ve been “going primal”. No more dairy for me (adios pizza *sigh*) and much more avocados.  Thank God healthy food can be just as good as not so healthy food.

What else has Adds been up to in the USA???

I got back Saturday so I really haven’t been here for too long, but so far I’ve done a lot of solo excursions because I prefer a more quiet and relaxed environment. Spain taught me that it’s okay to chill by yourself sometimes and lately I’ve been enjoying my own company. Me, myself, and I have biked around Wayzata, travelled to Uptown for the afternoon, went to lunch in Downtown Minneapolis, and finally finished a book from last summer. Tuesday I’m headed to Mizzou for a couple days to catch up with friends and then for the weekend I’ll be in Chicago for Amy’s 21st. I swear I’m not as boring as this blog post makes me sound… 😉

But what’s all that different? 

I miss going home and eating lunch with my host family everyday. Family lunches are not something that happens in the US. People are just too busy and work far away from their homes.

$$$$. I forgot how much more expensive everything is here. I got a salad and soup at Kowalski’s a couple days ago and it was $18 damn dollars! Starbucks is the same price. Probably why there was never a line at Starbucks in Seville.

I really missed my car/aux cord.

I thought I would be bored coming back home, but I’ve kept myself busy and haven’t been bored once. I’m much more of an explorer now and can keep myself easily entertained. A little bit of downtime is nice as well. It’s different during study abroad because you’re constantly with your friends and there’s rarely any downtime. I definitely was never ever bored in Spain either.

There are things about Europe I miss, but I quickly realized there were things about the US I missed as well. I’m happy to be home, but I have some more adjusting to do. Excited to see what summer 16 has in store for me.

Thanks for being my Elucidator Spain! I’ll see you soon. 

1 comment on “Back in the USA

  1. Don Amorosi

    I am glad you are home to #1. you have learned and grown and the good old US of A will benefit from all of the experiences all you kids are bringing home. I don’t think Donald Trump studied abroad!


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