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The Power of Words

“actually, the best gift you could have given her was a lifetime of adventures…”

          -Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

I’m nearing the tale end of my trip here in the beautiful city of Seville, Spain and the quiet drops of water on my window along with my dimly lit room, has washed me over with feelings of melancholiness thinking about my last 4.5 months in Europe. I am a Pinterest and quote addict. So, I stumbled upon a few ideas and phrases that describe my mix of emotions as I wait for my host dad to come home to make me one of my last lunches. PS: I’m going to greatly miss coming home to warm soup everyday.

1) “I don’t want to spend a lifetime on this planet and never see the diversity of places God created”

And luckily enough I don’t have to. Thank you mom and dad for allowing me to explore Europe during a semester in college. I am so grateful for this experience and honestly, I just want to do it all over again. Next trip: Asia…. 🙂

2) “Collecting moments, not things”

Cliché, eh? But not as it pertains to me. I have moved more than the average person during my childhood. I am use to the brown moving boxes labeled “Addison’s clutter box”. You know those “clutter boxes” are still in one of my storage rooms somewhere in my mom or dad’s house? Yep, never unpacked them. The boxes contain things such as soccer trophies, knick knacks I never really needed or wanted, stuffed animals, souvenirs. I hated those clutter boxes. It was constant reminder of another move, another period of de-humanizing our house. So while traveling I became very conscious of what souvenirs I was purchasing. I quickly understood that my pictures along with my memories were much more meaningful than a 5euro coffee mug from London, that would one day end up in a clutter box. Instead, I’ll take that red velvet cupcake. American instant gratification in my tummy 😉

3)  “Travel brings power and love back into your life”

Love. Love for language. Love for new people. Love for communication. Love for food. Love for trying new things. Love for adventure. Love for nature. Love for architecture. Love for walking. Love for getting lost. Love for learning. Traveling has given me the power to love more opening, freely, and worry-free. This is because travel has allowed me to love myself and others more. It has given me perspective. 

4) “My passport is screaming to be stamped”

Or Jackie is screaming at me to book a trip with her… either way. But really. How many times have we gone to the airport and flipped through our passport in sheer admiration of all of the places we’ve seen. That passport stamp is a sense of accomplishment. Yeah, I’ve been to Prague, Morocco, Amsterdam. Look! 

5) “Resfeber (n) The tangled feelings of fear and excitement before a journey begins”

Seriously… the middle seat again… Now that’s a feeling of fear when boarding the lovely yellow and blue Ryanair airplane. And then the plane starts sprinting down the paved runway and you start to smile when it’s feet leave the Spanish ground. That’s when the excitement sets in and you’re ready to check off the next place on your bucket list. 

6) “It leaves marks on your memory, on your consciousness, on your heart, and on your body. You take something with you… Hopefully you leave something good behind” 

Like that scar across my forehead from one of my friends accidentally scratching my head one night out when they were trying to give me a hug. Or Tim’s scare above his eye from running into a pole after a failed flirting attempt. Or those tattoos Kelsey me and Tory are about to get. Or me and Jackie calling each other “foupa” in public places because that’s our preferred nickname. Or those relaxed days by the rio baking in the sun interrupted by Jackie thinking she’s going to get attacked my a 3 lb pigeon. Or me spilling wine and beer all over César’s bed multiple times and him being too sweet to ever get mad at me. Those fun nights that you remember little about. And eres más spray painted on a graffiti wall in Seville. I know I left one thing behind in Seville in Más (a grocery store in Seville)…………

Seville, I’ll love your forever

I’ll like you for always,

as long as I’m living

my favorite place you’ll be.

xoxo, adds.

2 comments on “The Power of Words

  1. Great post. You have been fortunate to be able do all this. Happy to see you making the most of it.


  2. Addison- This is my favorite post yet. It’s beautifully and thoughtfully written with so many emotions spilling out . I loved this- You made me feel like I was experiencing it all a little bit along with you Thank you for that and for living all your moments there to the fullest. Your dad and I are so proud of you. I love and adore you, your heart and your spirit.


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