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18 Things I Miss About America

After being in a different country for 2.5 months, I’ve noticed myself missing a few of America’s finest recently.  

  1. Chipotleanigif_enhanced-2120-1405455856-9

  2. Water with ice

  3. Easier shopping AKA Target and Nordstrom (One stop shops)

  4. Lake Minnetonka in the winter and summer IMG_4075  2125684240_eafdb69381

  5. Coffee para llevar (to go) being a normal thing…starbucks-popkey-cover

  6. Harpo’s. S/O to Columbia, MO

    Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

  7. American breakfasts

    1. I need eggs!! Toast with jelly or jamon is good and all, but man, I miss variety
  8. Hanging out with friends at home rather than always going to a tapa bar

  9. Hot showers anytime you want for longer than 3 minutesgiphy-2

  10. BAGELS & cream cheese

    1. Sorry Starbucks I love you to death, but your bagels here and Spain just aren’t cutting it
  11. Lifetime Fitness // seeing my mom’s perky face whenever I get to the gym

  12. 24 hour restaurants

    1. McDonalds here is not open 24/7 and neither is Burger King

      After a long night out…..
  13. Fast customer service (Hey, at least I’m learning to be more patient in Spain)

  14. My car

    1. The public transportation here in Seville is great. We have an easy metro, a bus system, and a tram and it costs very little. However, I miss blasting music with my windows down. I don’t miss paying for gas 🙂
  15. Casual dress for classes… I prefer throwing on some yoga pants and a workout top. Who has time to change their outfit 3 times a day?!

  16. Salad                healthy-caprese-salad

    1. I’m not a big salad person, but recently I ‘ve been craving non-Spanish salads.
    2. What’s a typical Spanish salad?? iceberg lettuce with olive oil and vinegar
  17. Church (with my mamma)

    1. The churches in Spain are obviously incredible. We have an abundance of elaborate cathedrals with amazing architecture and history. Only thing is is I can barely understand what they’re saying in the service and I’m not catholic.
  18. Xfinity

    1. “This video is not available” GAHHH no please! I only watch a few shows, but I need “The Profit” and Marcus Lemonis to survive!



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