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Yesterday in Seville, Spain 3/12/2016

*currently drinking Rooibos tea in my twin size bed in Seville while listening to B.Miles*

My Mom says I’m behind in blogging, so here Mini Mama This one is for you!

Today, I woke up at 12:00pm…. OOPS! It was Amandi’s 21st birthday last night so I’ll use that for an excuse of sleeping some of my day away. S/o to @Amandilebron, happy birthday chica.

So yesterday was a damn good day. I decided to stay in Thursday and watch “The Kids are all Alright” and eat a bag of Tootsie Rolls so I was ready to have a productive Friday (yesterday). I hopped out of my bed at 9am (Yeah, thats early in Spain) turned on a Spotify playlist called “Indie Chillout” and changed into my workout clothes. [Side note on my workout clothes: I handwash them in the sink because I don’t want to wash them with all my other clothes and I don’t want to ask my host family to waste energy and water on a separate load! It wasn’t very hard to adjust to.] Anyways, at around 10:30 I got to the gym that is a 5 minute walk from my house and did an upper body and abs workout. The gym was pretty much empty, which I LOVE so all of the machines were empty.

After the gym, I stopped by Corte Ingles, which is like a Macy’s, and bought a 3 euro t shirt!  Whoa dad, look at me shopping efficiently ;). I came home afterwords and played some more of my indie music while showering and getting ready to meet up with Amandi and Jackie. Our goal was to find a place to get manis and pedis, but that can be hard in the area we live. We walked into three places. One was way too small, and the other two said we needed appointments. Also, there was only one person working in all of the salons and only one pedicure station. A little different than the States! However, I’m thinking if I head closer to the center we’ll find some better places. I’ll try again soon.

After our mini adventure, I got on the metro to Puerto Jerez which takes you to the river. There I met up with Cesar for a lunch date. [Cesar is a Spanish guy I met here who is studying architecture at the University of Sevilla.] We had four places in mind, but of course we ended up aimlessly walking around until we found something else…. LOL I have no idea why we do this, but it seems to be reoccurring theme. We picked a random restaurant because it was almost 4:00.

Fun Fact!!!: Kitchens in Seville close between 4-8pm. You can maybe find a couple restaurants to eat at, but most are all closed. So between 4-8 you can get a drink, but that’s it. It can actually get a little irritating, but you get used to it.The kitchens open back up at 8 because that’s dinner time. Some families eat dinner as late as 11pm.

Back to the restaurant we went to- It was a little pricey, but the food was good. We got way too many potatoes. Also, Cesar’s native language is Spanish and mine is obviously English. He’s gotten a lot better at English and I’ve gotten better at Spanish by talking to him for over a month. But, he speaks Spanish SO SO SO fast!!! Muy muy rapido. A lot of times I really can’t understand him, so he tries to speak slower, but it’s hard! I showed him how to put the English keyboard in his phone so it’s a little easier to text. The language barrier can be very challenging. There are a lot of “what” “como” “huh”‘s said, but with practice and time it gets easier. I get very nervous and overthink what I’m about to say in Spanish in my head, but just go for it. Making mistakes is better than never trying.

We chatted for a bit at lunch and then we headed to the Cathedral and he explained some of the architecture to me. We looked at one section of the cathedral where the ceiling is super pretty. There are three dome shapes and it goes small, medium, to large. We didn’t pay to do the whole Cathedral tour yesterday, so we’re going to go back before I leave Spain.

When we were leaving the Cathedral a giant bird shit bomb almost knocked us out!!! It was really nasty…..

We bought a couple bottles of wine and met up with our friends and Lobo (the new black lab foster puppy the guys have!) and walked over to a park. We drank cheap red and white wine while watching the sunset. The sky looked gorgeous and the moon was a waning crescent. It was very relaxing and we had the perfect weather.

I’m extremely happy that I’ve been in Sevilla the past two weekends. I love Sevilla so much and it’s very nice to have a weekend at home. I’ve stressed this a lot, but seriously do NOT think you need to travel every weekend when you’re abroad! Get to know the place you live on the weekends and enjoy it. Meet some people that live there and hang out with them. My Spanish friends are awesome. I’m going to a BBQ with them today. $10 for beer and unlimited food :).

The weekends fly by, enjoy them.

Here are a few pics from Yesterday:

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2 comments on “Yesterday in Seville, Spain 3/12/2016

  1. Thank you honey !! Loved reading all about your day. Xoxo


  2. Becky Garner

    Thourally enjoyed your stay home weekend blog. Hard for me to wrap my head around the meal time schedule. Big
    discussion around here is changing daylight savings time…there ought to be a law….etc etc. You will grasp the power of culture as few do and I don’t think you will ever lose it.
    with love,


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