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What to Pack when Traveling to Spain

I just Facetimed my dad and he thought it would be cool if I wrote a blog post about what to pack when traveling to Spain from the United States. I am meeting my family in Barcelona in a little over 2 weeks and my dad was wondering what to bring for a week long trip to Europe.


The Basics

  • Guys: 
    • 4 casual shirts and 3 dress shirts. You can re-wear a shirt if you need to because I feel like its more annoying too bring too much.
    • 1 pair of nicer shoes and good walking shoes
    • A light jacket- If you’re visiting Spain in December-First couple weeks in March you’ll want a heavier jacket. It’ll be around 10-20 degrees Celsius. The rest of March will be a little warmer so you can get away with a light
      • Side note: When I say “chilly” or “cold” its not actually cold, but since I’ve been in Spain for awhile I think 60 degrees is pretty chilly. But so do the Spaniards so you won’t see someone walking around with a dress and no tights or shorts in the middle of February!! 
    • jacket/pullover/windbreaker/etc etc. You’ll definitely want the jacket at night
    • I really don’t know Europeans summer style yet, but I’ve heard they wear jeans in all seasons. So bring 1 pair of jeans, 1 dress pant, 2 pairs of shorts
    • Boxers are bueno, socks are a must
  • Gals: 
    • 6 day-to-day shirts
      • December-March: long sleeve, cardigan, jean jacket, a few short sleeve shirts
      • Late March-Summer: Tank tops, short sleeve shirts, cardigan
    • 3 going out bar/club shirts
    • 2 nice pairs of shoes + a good walking shoe
      • SERIOUSLY LADIES, bring a good pair of tennis shoes because you don’t want your feet hurting all day!! A week ago I was in Prague and I wore my blue sneaks all weekend because they were the most comfortable. Be a little more stylish than me with your sneaker choice, I looked like a nerd. People here like colorful new balance sneakers and the white adidas. If it’s winter, throw a pair of booties in your bag. Spaniards prefer booties over riding boots.
    • Scarf
      • if it’s a colder month AKA before the first 1/2 of March
    • 2 dresses for warm weather or tights when it’s chilly
    • Light Jacket
    • Summer clothes: Comparable to USA, don’t overthink it!

Knick Knacks

  • Gopro!!! // Nice camera
    • I like my go pro because it fits in my purse and is easy to carry around
  • Wrinkle release
  • Deodorant **** DO NOT FORGET. My friends and I are not big fans of Spanish deodorant @torygreen
  • Travel size shampoo, conditioner, and face wash
  • Tooth brush&toothpaste
  • Hair brush
  • “Under-your-shirt-bag”
    • Petty crime is big in most cities. I haven’t had a problem in Seville, but my friends coat did get stolen at a club I was at last night. I know there is a big problem with pit pocketing in Barca and Madrid so:
      • Don’t bring all of your $ & credit cards out– leave some at the hotel
      • Be very careful with your iPhone. It will get stolen if you’re being careless
      • Burner phones are nice, but not necessary for a week
      • Smaller purses and cross body bags are never a bad idea as well
  • Adapter(s)
    • If you forget, no biggie, they have them at Corte Ingles which is like a Macys. But you definitely need an adapter!
  • Water bottle
  • Meds- advil, nyquil, dramamine, eye drops, inhaler, contact solution, allergy meds, prescribed drugs. I brought 2 epipens to be safe
    • You can get all of those meds here, but if I’d say just bring it with you for convenience purposes and for after the flight. Farmacias are open here (In Seville) for long hours everyday and they’re on every corner.
  • P A S S P O R T 🙂
    • Make sure you make a copy of your passport as well!! Keep the copy in your wallet, leave your passport in your hotel
  • Insurance card
  • Phone charger
  • Come with some euros. No place in Seville takes American dollars. You can get dollars exchanged at Corte Ingles in the basement.
    • Also, I have a currency card which I love. That’s good to look into if you’re leaving the states for longer than a week.
    • Know your bank fees. My visa gets a lot of “service fees” and it drives me nuts
    • When you take out euros, take out large amounts. There is always some type of fee. I usually take out 140-220 at a time.

Bring a hairdryer and straightener if you want, but my straightener was too strong and it blew a fuse. My blowdryer broke as well. You can buy both here for cheap or just give your hair a break for a week. Also, some airbnb’s & hotels may have a blow dryer you can use so check with them before!

I used 4 of these shrink bags and I am here in Spain for 5 months. I also brought a duffle bag.

Have a great trip in Spain!!

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  1. Ahhh. Very nice job adds.


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