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Meet Gran Plaza (Seville)

Why study abroad?

Because you meet the best, coolest, dopest people ever.

There’s a reason why everyone picked the place they picked to study abroad. At first, I was set on going to London. As I dove into the study abroad process and did more research I kept hearing people mention Seville, Spain. I knew I didn’t wanted to go somewhere as big as Barcelona and Seville looked gorgeous. People I talked to only had good things to say about Seville. I chose to study abroad in Seville, Spain for 5 months and it was the best decision I ever made. I love Seville and could see myself living here forever.

I came here knowing no one and now I have a group of friends from all over the United States. Here’s a blog post dedicated to some of my friends here. I thought Jackie would appreciate this because she only reads my posts if she’s mentioned 😉

Amandi Lebron

This chick is currently in Paris taking selfies with the Eiffel Tower in her new maroon beret. She always messages me on snapchat and she is the only person that messages me on snapchat. Weirdo. I love talking to Amandi about what we want to do in the future and all of the goals we have. She is the oldest sibling in her family, like me, so we have a lot in common and act like were the third parent to our siblings, oops…. She goes to school at Fordham in NYC with Jackie. They didn’t know each other before. Sometimes she texts my friend Cesar on my phone because she’s fluent in Spanish and I suck, but he knows when she’s texting for me because she speaks Dominican Spanish lol.

Jackie McDonald

My #1 travel buddy :). Jackie is the funniest person I’m friends with in Spain. She’s always down to go out which is dope because we both love meeting new people. Last week she went a little too hard at Utopia and facetimed me the next morning about 15 times, she’s actually loca. Whenever we’re walking somewhere she ALWAYS puts on country music. She also really doesn’t like my taste in music because she thinks its weird and depressing and too alternative jajajaja. Jackie also goes to Fordham and she’s from Boston. Give her a few beers and listen to her Boston voice come out. It’s great, “get outta here”, “Ma”, “ca (car)”, so many others. Thanks for being my PIC, Jack. I own a mosque.

Tory Green

My fellow Minnesotan. My first friend in Spain. I didn’t know Tory until I got off the airplane in Seville. She came up and started talking to me in the airport at a time when I was in DEEP distress. I brought a suitcase and duffle bag to Spain and of course my duffle bag went MIA. Nacho  was like, “it’s okay don’t worry they’ll find it and send it to your house?” Don’t worry?!>!? My response was, “But all of my medicine is in there” and then I turned to Tory and whispered, “actually just all of my make up is in that bag” which is why I was in panic mode. Even better that I said this to Tory because she wears barely any make up and I knew she thought I was crazy. Tory goes to Minnesota-Morris and is studying Poli Sci. She is on the debate team and I knew it before she even told us. Her parents recently decided to move to Iowa and I am not very happy with them. You’re killin me Mr and Mrs Green!!! Tory is super tranquilla, has RBF, “doesn’t have a middle name”, and is talking to a lot of Spanish boys.

Hanna Orselet

Hanna is the worlds greatest matchmaker. She puts Patti Stanger (Millionaire Matchmaker) to shame. We met in Granada where she coined the term “#accidentalmarathon”. Hanna got back from Brussels a few hours ago with Matt and some beer. Her favorite drink is a gin and tonic, which I personally find absolutely revolting. I’m a vodka soda girl. Hanna goes to GW and she’s from Vermont and has a million mutual friends with Tim. On my birthday she stole my socks at a bar………. que extrano Hanna. She is super sweet and always a fun time. xoxo

Kelsey Peckham

JUST GOT A DOPE ASS CO-OP IN CALI!!!! Kelsey is super smart and just got her second co-op in California this summer. She’s stressing a little because she really wants to spend some time in Boston with her friends at Northeastern and at home in Connecticut. Don’t worry Kels, you’re gonna love Cali. Kelsey, me, and Jackie & I think Tory are traveling to Madrid, Brussels, and Amsterdam in two weeks during Semana Santa. I’m super excited. Kelsey is also very tranquilla and I am so lucky to have you as a friend here in Spain.

Jack McClellan

So I think this kid is like in a frat?? Yeah pretty sure he is at the University of Illinois Champaign. I think some plans are set for us to get married soon, but don’t tell him because he gets really freaked out when anyone brings the M word up. Jack is also super super funny and very tall. He has 4 siblings and he’s the youngest. He’s from Colorado and last night we did a Colorado shot together at this little bar called Long Island. I think he likes it cause it’s a fratty place where he can show off his comfort colors t-shirt that Jackie wants to steal. Sorry Jack, but you’ll be seeing me a lot when we leave Spain because Chicago is my favorite city and Miz is close to your school. Come check out a frat party sometime at Mizzou, too.

Tim Johnston

“You know I can hear everything you’re saying from the bathroom.” Oh Timmy boy, what a guy. He’s from Vermont where he has an apple orchard, but goes to school at Eckerd College in Florida. On our first day of orientation here in Spain he split his muffin and clementine with me. One time Tim, Ryan, and I accidentally got on the wrong bus to go home and found this really cool basically abandoned area called Isla Cartuja. We spent most of the day there and explored where a World Fair was supposed to be held. His birthday was 2 days ago and his girlfriend came to visit and is here for a week! H21BD.

Ryan Johnson

Ryan and I were on the same flights coming to Spain and I was sitting near him in Amsterdam during our layover. He was wearing a Minnesota sweatshirt so I tried to be sneaky and snap a pic to send to my friend Jake Herges to see if he maybe knew him. Come to find out, they are good friends and are in the same frat. I’m so weird, why didn’t I go say hi?? On my 21st birthday Ryan 20 questioned me and asked me really obscure questions like, “Who invented peanuts?” My response: “Rumplestiltskin, DUH.” One time he hitch hiked home, another time he got lost in Granada, another time he had a run in with Seville cops. He goes to The University of Minnesota. His girlfriend is here this weekend as well!

Matt Downey

My newest friend here in Spain! Matt is dating Hanna and also goes to GW. He has been living Spain for 2 semesters now and is fluent in Spanish. He introduced all of us to his Spanish roommates who are super fun to hang out with. At first he didn’t really like hanging out with Americans in Spain, but he’s realized how cool we actually are ;).  Lo siento Matt, no tengo fotos!

Thanks for being awesome people, guys!!! Love you all so much! IMG_0789



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