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Timberwolves & Spanish Men – Juicy!

Go. Fly. Roam. Travel. Voyage. Explore. Journey. Discover. Adventure.

Got Early Grey Té and booked another trip today! Headed to the beautiful Canary Islands at the end of April. We are going to Tenerife, which is the largest island of the Canary Islands. The flight is only 105 euros there and back! I thought this coffee mug was neat with the comics on it and el té was very yummy.

This Sunday I will be traveling to Sierra Aracena and doing an all day hike. Looks like it’s going to be a Valentines Day spent with waterfalls and mountains. I can’t complain at all.

I am very excited to explore more parts of Europe, but I love Seville so much that I’m trying not to leave too many weekends. I only have five months here and I hope to learn as much Spanish as possible. I think that can be accomplished best by immersing myself in the culture of Seville. My Spanish has definitely improved a lot over the last month, but I have a lot of work to do! Today I learned that “step mom” in Spanish is “madrasta”, but that basically means evil witch step woman in Spanish! So, you’re supposed to say “segunda mujer de mi padre“. I’d encourage anyone who is thinking about studying abroad or who just got to their new home to remember you studied in the country and city you’re studying in for a reason, so don’t think you have to travel every weekend.

Tonight, I got to hang out with 5 Sevillanos and make dinner with them! Hanna, my friend from Vermont, made these amazing quesadillas with peppers, onions, and chicken. They were SO. GOOD. The broccoli was perfectly cooked and delicious tambien. Jackie and I ate more than all of the guys combined :). I really enjoy spending time with people who’s native language is Spanish because I learn conversational speech as well as more about their culture. Also, one of my Spanish friends loves American basketball. He knew all the teams Shaq has been on. His favorite team is the Timberwolves and is a fan of Ricky Rubio. Go Minnesota!!! I feel like I need to learn more about sports in Spain after talking American sports with him for an hour.

Thats all for today, friends. Adios!





1 comment on “Timberwolves & Spanish Men – Juicy!

  1. susan shields

    Hi Addison:
    I love following your blogs. What an amazing and growing experience for you. You are an incredible young woman with a sense of spirit and adventure . Although I have only known you four or so years I am so happy to see and be part of your experience in Spain through your blog. Continue having the very best time and I look forward to hearing about all your experiences when you return.
    I know family is visit you next month. (When I will be heading back to China again) Have the best time.



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