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Graffiti de Sevilla

Hola Mis Amigos 🙂 

Today I graffitied Seville!! I signed up to go on a tour with my program and we headed out to Plaza de Aramas to check out these amazing walls filled with graffiti or street art.

The graffiti is everywhere- buildings, windows, street signs, garbage cans. Some garbage cans you can’t even tell are garbage cans. Sometimes there are little one word-ers like “sammy” in cursive. Other times there are giant murals and patterns with an array of colors.  I thought it was interesting to stop and look at the different artists styles. These two images below, for example, were just across the street from each other and they are completely different styles

I like both of these, however, the baby graffiti on the left got me to stop and look into the colors and technique more.

Here is a picture of an elephant that I love because of my tattoo. I got my tattoo about two year ago. For me, elephants symbolize strength. It symbolizes strength for me because of a long list of reasons and a list that keeps growing.

After spending about an hour exploring the walls of Sevilla, our guide took us to a spot full of orange trees and more graffitied walls. He gave us a bunch of different color spray paints to use- lime green, teal, bright red, orange, baby blue, etc. I grabbed the orange and found a spot on the completely covered wall and wrote “eres más”. This means “you are more” in english. These three words have meant a lot to me for the past few years. They are special to me because they come from Matthew 10:31 and the song “You are More” by Tenth Avenue North.

“You are more than the problems you create. You’ve been remade”

My sister, Ashbey, who I talk about very frequently, has been through Hell and back and she is only 16 years old. I wanted to make a mark in Seville, Spain that will always be there whether or not it is covered up with other sayings. It will always be somewhere on that wall. Or if someone isn’t having a good day or is struggling, they can read a short phrase reminding them “they are more”. When I come back and visit in the future, I’ll come back to this spot and remember the people I was with and the mark I made for someone I care about more than I can explain.

One day Ashbey will see this post and these pictures and I hope it reminds her of how much I admire her. How great she is. How she is more than her past mistakes. 

Everyone needs a reminder here and there that they are more than they may think. Everyone is special in their own way. Sometimes you just have to fight a battle more than once to win it. God put you here for a reason!

I loved doing this. It was a great experience trying and learning something new.

Here are a few other pictures of graffiti, my friends, and Seville.

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2 comments on “Graffiti de Sevilla

  1. Addison— you write and express your thoughts and emotions so beautifully. I love reading your blog. Thank you so much for opening up and sharing and letting us share this experience w you. I love you. Mom

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  2. Grant Thomas

    Hi Addison: I am really enjoying being able to share your experiences through your blog. It gives me a chance to enjoy some of your adventures almost as if I was along with you. I have looked into the possibility of a visit and although I have not yet come up with a realistic travel plan I continue to explore possibilities. Happy Valentines Day to you. love,Grandad


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