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My 21st Birthday in Seville, Spain

Twenty On

The day that everyone can’t wait for in the USA….. dun dun dun: The big 21. At Mizzou, the school I go to in the states, Shot Parties are always a yes. What’s a shot party? Well, your best friend makes you a big scrapbook filled with a bunch of pictures of the birthday girl. Some are weird/gross pictures and some are slightly more normal. The person in charge of the book makes a group chat on Facebook asking all of the birthday girl’s closest friends to make her a page for the shot book. The shot book then makes its way to the bar with you and your friends and you sign the pages as the night goes on. All in all, it’s a long, fun night with all of your friends. My shot party was going to be with my roommate and one of my best friends, Courtney Smith, but I decided to take a break from Mizzou and live in Espana :).

I turned the big 21 in Spain! Where I am already legal to drink! And it was SO much fun! 

I started off my birthday night at a tiny bar called Cabo Loco where we go to get Agua de Sevilla. There was absolutely no one there because it was a Monday night. Next, we headed to another small bar on Alfalfa Street called Rock n Roll/ Coffee and Bar (the first bar the Gran Plaza crew went to when we got to Sevilla a month ago). They play music in English, like most bars here, and there is a big projector screen playing music videos. My friends told the bartender, Juri, that it was my birthday and he brought out a candle and a shot with whip cream for me at 12am. YUM! 

359My host family knows I love bacon and eggs and big breakfasts, so the morning of my birthday they planned to have me cook with them and make an American breakfast. Of course I slept in after a long night out. So instead, that night, I cooked bacon and scrambled eggs with my family for dinner! My host sister tried bacon for the first time, but I don’t think she was a fan, probably because I’m a terrible cook and burned it. Fun Fact: Spanish people put Olive Oil on everything- potatoes, salad, bread, soup, eggs, meat- My host mom put a pool of olive oil in the bacon pan and my Spanish isn’t the best so I didn’t try explaining that the outcome of that probably wouldn’t be too good! The bacon was popping everywhere, grease spattering around the kitchen. Finally, through the language gap, we were on the same page that olive oil and bacon do not mix wellWe listened to Eric Church and Coldplay while eating brinner and sang and danced to a Spanish happy birthday song :). My host family is adorable and very caring. I have never heard them fight or argue once and I’ve been here for a month!

Despues cena con mi familia, my friends and I went to this delicious sushi and Japanese restaurant (Yousushi) close to CIEE study center. We ordered different types of sushi, fried rice, edamame, seaweed salad, etc. That was my first time eating seaweed salad and it is a m a z i n g. The girls got me some presents and gave them to me at dinner, which was so sweet of them. Thank you guys I love them and you!! These people make me laugh, smile constantly, and be a better person. It’s crazy how close we’ve all gotten in just a month and I’m already working on planning a reunion for this summer.

Thank you family, host family, and friends for making me feel so loved!

“You will never be completely at home again, because part of your heart will always be elsewhere. That is the price you pay for the richness of loving and knowing people in more than one place”

1 comment on “My 21st Birthday in Seville, Spain

  1. Becky Garner

    Glad to know you are having a wonderful time. Enjoy every minute. I only have a little French and a little latin but if I were in Spain I would find a painting by Picasso named Guernica. You cant call your self a student of Spanish culture and not know about this painting and the story that goes with it and its famous painter. I myself have seen it only once when it was at the Metropolitan in the big apple. Ok did I do that right? from your Grandma, the art teacher


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