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Cordoba, España

History of Córdoba, Spain

A couple of weeks ago I visited a city in Northern Andalusia called Córdoba. By bus, it is two hours away from Seville. In the past, around the 10th century, Córboda was a center of trade where Muslims, Christians, and Jews lived together.  Córdoba has a significant amount of Moorish influence. Moorish style architecture is “an architecture of the western part of North-Africa and the Iberian peninsula that began during the Islamisation of those regions“. I visited the Mezquita, which is filled with Moorish influence. The Mezquita was built in 1328 for Alfonso XI, the King of Castile, at the time. However, the original mosque was built between 785-787 by Abd al Rahman I. The palace contains more than 850 pillars, which are all made of different materials such as marble and granite and come from all over the world.

The first Christian Chapel in the mosque was built in 1371.

The Cathedral began being created in 1523 and it has an Italiante dome.

163Outside of the Mezquita is a courtyard filled with oranges. Don’t eat them though because they are bitter and inedible! Thorough the years, the courtyard has been used for many different purposes. In Islamic times, the courtyard was used for justice and teachings. Palm trees began being planted here in the 13th century and the orange trees in the 15th century.

I walked down a beautiful street called Callejón de las Flores with whitewashed buildings and geraniums located close to the Mezquita. Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos is a water terrace with fountains and gardens. It was built in the 14th century by Catholic Monarchs. There are some pretty large fish in some of the fountains as well. The environment was very tranquil and I loved the bright green colors from the trees and bushes.

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For more information check out the book Seville & Andalusia by Eyewitness Travel. 



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