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Are there Starbucks in Spain?

Hola! Finally back and blogging after a couple weeks hiatus. My dad reminded me that it’s a good idea to try to write something at least once a day because it’ll be nice to look back on when my time in Spain comes to an end. It’s also a good idea to write down my thoughts, feelings/emotions, and new experiences so I can set goals, remember ideas I have, remember important things I learn, etc. I also know my Grandad likes keeping up with what I’m doing over here, so Hola Grandad!!


I am already finishing up my second week of classes at my new school: Universidad de Pablo Olivade. It takes me 8 minutes by metro to get to the University which is super nice because some people are a lot further away. On Monday and Wednesday I have a Spanish reading and comprehension class, another Spanish class about Nobel Peace Prizes, and a Cultural Psychology class. Today, in the Nobel Peace Prize class, we learned about Alfred Nobel, the founder of dynamite and the Peace Prize. Our teacher is cute, she looks and dresses like she’s from Ireland! On Tuesday and Thursday I only have one class- International Marketing. Spain doesn’t have classes on Friday 🙂 Also, the University is very easy to navigate because the program put all of us in only two buildings, right across from each other!

  • Things I want to learn via school
    • Spanish vocabulary and forming stronger sentences (my host family helps SO much with this as well)
    • Spanish authors
    • Differences between cultures
    • Information specifically about Spanish culture
    • How marketing in Spain differs from marketing strategies in the USA

I’ll keep you updated on what I learn!

The gran plaza crew had their first 21st birthday celebration this weekend! After we got back from Granada, it was Jackie’s 21st birthday. We got her a chocolate truffle cake and incense for her room. We also ate McDonalds instead of going to Uthopia (A big night club in Seville)…. Good grief. My 21st birthday is in a few days wooooee!!

[I’m going to talk about my Granada trip in my next post]

On Monday night, my friends and I attempted to meet up and plan a few upcoming trips, but instead we ended up going to Triana and checking out a few bars. Triana is the area by the river and Calle Betis. It’s really nice over there and there is an americanized bar called Phoenix Pub (I’ve been once) where we are going to watch the superbowl this weekend.

Las Setas

[Metropol Parasol] Also known as the mushrooms was designed by German architect Jurgen Mayer  in 2011, located in the old quarter of Seville. Las Setas consists of a farmers market, a gift shop, an archeological museum, and bars. By paying 2 euros you get to go on top of las setas and experience a breathtaking view and enjoy a free drink after! This structure was created to modernize Plaza de La Encarnacion and make it a “new contemporary urban center”. After I toured the museum, I grabbed a veggie roll and beer from a restaurant named Bushi underneath. Bushi= Burgers + Sushi. I would highly suggest visiting this attraction for 2-3 hours.


I went on a bike ride over to a metro stop by the Cathedral. I got a yummy chicken and tomato sandwich at a little outdoor restaurant where I FaceTimed my dad. DespuĂ©s, me puse helado y un donut fresa. Yum, yum, yum, carb frenzy. Oh, I also ate my first bagel in Spain from Starbucks and FaceTimed my dad again (sorry dad!!!) Yes, they have Starbucks in Spain. And yes, I felt very unintelligent when I realized there are 4 starbucks within walking distance of each other in Seville. Later in the afternoon I tutored my Spanish orientation guide’s little sister in English. She is 14 and has been learning English for 7 years. She can read, write, and speak English well! She told me that she does not think English is not the hardest language to learn. I am helping her prepare for a big English exam she has to take in the future. I can’t even explain how flattered I am that Marina, my Spanish orientation guide, asked me to help tutor her sister. I am so happy to help her learn more about the English language! Tutoring Louisa also helps me learn as I can compare English and Spanish words and communicate with another native Spanish speaker.

*Big News!!* I have a trip booked in March for Madrid–>Brussels–>Amsterdam–>Barcelona–>Sevilla. 

I’ll be writing about my weekend in Granada soon, Hasta Luego!



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  1. Becky Garner

    I am really enjoying reading your blog. You are my first blog, my first grand daughter my first international communication . Good work on being the big sister also.


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