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Accidental Marathon in Granada, Spain

Granada, Spain

Background: Ruled by the Nasrid Dynasty from 1238-1492 under Moorish control. It fell to Catholic Monarchs in 1492. Under Christian rule, there was much emphasis and focus on the Renaissance. In the 19th century, Granada began to decline and is a subject of renewed interest. Fun Fact: Avocados and custard apples grow very well along the costal strip of Granada 264

The Alhambra: This amazing palace was built when the Nasrid Dynasty ruled Granada. Materials such as tile, timber, and plaster are used throughout the Alhambra. Restoration has been executed frequently, however the palace still looks incredible and well restored. To the lest is a picture I took of Patio de los Leones which was constructed by Muhammed V. It consists of 12 marble lions and the center is a fountain.

Sala de los Abencerrajes  is a hall in the palace and the cieling was inspired by Pythagoras’ Theorem. The name of the hall comes from a noble family that were rivals of Boabdil, the las moorish ruler (1492). Why would Boabdil have a hall dedicated to the Abencerrajes? There is a legend that Boabdil had the Abencerrajes murdered here at a banquet.

Patio de Arrayanes: Reflects light into the surrounding halls. When I wished El Alhambra there were little fish swimming in this pond and it was very dirty.

Here are a few other pictures I
took when I visited:263


We’re lucky Ryan made it to El Alhambra because the night before he has a tittle too much fun at a lo

Trying to figure out how to not get lost again

cal bar- Chupito 69 and we didn’t see him again till the next day at 1pm when we were having breakfast at a cafe. He walked around for 13 hours with no money and a dead phone. #accidentalmarathon #granadathon

Later that night we grabbed dinner at a nice restaurant close to our hostel (Hostel VITA). For 10.80 euros I had a three course meal consisting of a delicious plate of cooked veggies, fried eggs and potatoes, and rice pudding with a glass of red wine. I would’t recommend the jamon sopa, the guys rated it about a 3.5/10. After dinner we stopped by a Bazar and bought a few bottles of wine to bring back to the hostel. A few of us went up to the roof and chatted and Jack and Tim taught Jackie and me how to slow dance (I’m a HORRIBLE dancer I need a lot more practice!)

Granada was a beautiful city filled with a lot of history. Definitely worth the trip.

Mexican food en Espana



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