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A Night in Seville, Spain

Hello guys its me on January 20th I haven’t seen my host mom all day which makes me sad. ALSO you’re going to be so happy to hear this…… I got the shower to be hot for more the 3 minutes!! Pretty sure I have never been happier :).

IMG_9831After class I took 2 hour long siesta (so nice!). Post nap my friends and I finally went to “my favorite place”, which is a little restaurant called Bar Carmela close to the CIEE study center. I got a coffee with baileys and a tapa. Jack found these weird chips that tasted like ham, but they were actually pretty good! After we ate, we headed to Triana which is about a 20 minute walk from Bar Carmela.

Me and my little Gran Plaza gang decide to grab a few bottles of wine at a local store and sit by the river. After we cranked out the first few bottles, Tim and Jack went back to the store to buy more wine with jamon y pan!! They also bought a giant container of olives which were extremely extremely yummy and salty.  Speaking of the wine store, Tim and I met this sweet older man that has lived in Sevilla, Madrid, Paris, and New York. He kept saying “espanol, espanol”after he’d mutter something in English because he wanted to help us learn the language!

The river we went to is called the Guadalquivir river which is the fifth longest river in the Iberian peninsula. We all want to find a day to take a boat down the entire river. It’s so beautiful. We sat on the edge of the river for four hours and watched the sunset. We were in a pretty area- Triana, Seville– with interesting architecture and different colored buildings. Tim attempted to feed the ducks and take my phone away from me throughout the night and Ryan pretended like he was interested in listening to me, Jackie, and Olivia’s girl talk. Ryan also became a bartender for an hour at a small bar across the river. Olivia finally got the chocolate and churros she was craving.

The night began to wind-down so we had to head to Dominos to get pizza, of course. That was our 2nd time at Dominos in 3 days… I cannot m ake this a habit! Every minute of yesterday was amazing and so fun. I got to explore gorgeous areas in Seville with some of my favorite people while talking and laughing for hours. I learned more about the city and more about my new friends.

Hasta Luego!





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