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Define: Elucidator [+more]

Read about why it's a great idea to study abroad in an unfamiliar country.


[ih-loo-si-deyt]; to make lucid or clear; throw light upon; explain

synonyms: clarify, illuminate

Why did I name my blog “Elucidator”? I like this word. To me it explains why I am in Spain. I came here to learn about culture, language, have fun, and most importantly- challenge myself. I picked a program where I didn’t know one single person. I picked a country where I barely knew the language. I did this because I wanted to learn about things that were not clear to me.Immersing yourself in a new culture is extremely beneficial. Why is it beneficial to study  abroad?

  1. Perspective
  2. Adapting
  3. Patience Skills
  4. Learn about yourself
  5. Learn why certain people “do what they do”/culture

In the USA I am in a very small bubble. I have my routine and there isn’t as much experimenting as there is in Europe. To me, home is much more individualistic. I use to think that was best. My views are beginning to change as Spain is a very family oriented place. Family time centers around food in many cultures and food has great importance in Spain.

In the morning I have a quick little breakfast, which consists of el pan (bread) and cafe (coffee) with my family. For lunch I come home from class and have la siesta.

Photo 1          Photo 2

Spain’s famous siesta brings on a sense of calm and tranquility amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life. However, to many tourists, it is merely a cause of frustration and confusion. Between the hours of 2pm and 5pm, Spain shuts down to allow the locals to rest after a long and hectic morning and prepare for the busy afternoon. Meanwhile, the common tourist invariably chooses this time to stroll the streets for their souvenir-shopping, newspaper or sightseeing, only to find the shops closed and the streets empty…
La siesta literally translates as a short nap of 15-30 minutes. However, this definition is far from the 3 hour break taken in the middle of the working day. Siesta has spread all over Spain, South America, the Philippines, the Middle East and North Africa. La siesta is a necessity and the reason is that around 2pm, the heat temperature reaches its peak and it is simply too hot to be outside. Hence the locals take a siesta and wait in the comfort of their own homes for the heat to subside.” 

This concept is interesting to me. Everyone in the family comes home and eats together. It’s a three course meal, the whole shebang. I want to emphasis the fact that everyone takes 3 hours off to lounge and spend time with their family. It’s incredible. In America many people sk

Photo 3
aceitunas con una cerveza: heaven on earth 

ip lunch or eat on the go and they definitely do not go home to eat with everyone in their family. La siesta is a great break to catch up with the people that mean most to you and hear about their days. It’s quit the rejuvenator. At 5pm, people head back to work and work till around 8pm. After work, the family eats together again between 9-10pm. Dinners are smaller and much later than in the USA. After dinner you go out and get tapas and cervezas. You’ll head in for the night sometime between 3-4am. Fun, eh? Side-note: Sevillanos do not go out every single night after dinner. 


Spain is opening me up to so many new ideas/concepts and explaining why I do the things I do and why others do the things that they do.

Europe is an elucidator.




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  1. Sara Ratner

    We miss you!! Awesome blog!


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