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First Few Days in Sevilla

Quick first post- more to come.

Lets start with day 1.

So, I get to the airport in Minneapolis, MN and have two suitcases, a purse, and a backpack. I had this idea in my head that once I got to Spain I’d never find a store I liked to shop at. Or face wash didn’t exist anywhere besides the Walgreens I am familiar with at home. Obviously my assumptions were very incorrect and I wanted to write about this because students studying abroad are always told to not bring everything they own abroad. Listen to that advice! Shopping in Spain is incredible, I’ve already bought a few new things and its only my first few days here. PS sorry dad, but I’m going to need an extra suitcase.. or two.

Later that day I arrived in Amsterdam and hung out at the airport waiting for my next flight. I was snap chatting one of my friends from home and realized I was sitting close to one of his good friends in his fraternity. I was too nervous to say anything to this kid I’d never met so we waited for our next flight in silence. When I arrived in Spain we were separated into orientation groups… Hey kid from the airport! Small world because now “kid from the airport” is one of my really good friends!

After we chatted in our new orientation groups for a bit, I went to an apartment that I will be calling home for the next five months in Seville. Here’s a list of things that were difficult the first day:

  1. The door locks
    • Oh my goodness!!! Why do these continue to be so complicated for me. Every door is different. I try turning the key left- nope. Right? nope. Three times to the left then a slight turn? Correct for the front door of my house. Bathroom- I refuse to lock the bathroom door anymore because I’ve locked myself in twice.
  2. The shower
    • I will be in the Guinness Book of World Records for “World’s Fastest Shower-er”. I have absolutely no clue how to make the water in the shower stay hot. So far my longest shower has been three minutes and the third minute was ice cold :). I need to talk to my host parents asap or else this will be a loooong semester, full of impossibly quick showers.
  3. The language
    • I have a book of phrases and words in Spanish that I have created and add to. Learning a new language is very difficult! I have six years of Spanish under my belt, but I struggle a lot with remembering words and forming sentences. My host family speaks zero English. They teach me a lot and work with me to help me improve my Spanish. Sometimes It’ll take 10 minutes just to work through a sentence. I am very blessed that I have such a great and patient host family (mom, dad, 4 year old girl), but DANG, Spanish is muy dificil.
  4. The size of the apartment
    • One floor, 5 rooms total, 2 bathrooms, 1 shower. Very typical in Spain.
  5. Saying goodbye to a heated home
    • Keeping your home heated in Spain is very very expensive, therefore heating your home isn’t a thing. Most people have space heaters, mine is broken. Good thing I have an abundance of super cozy blankets! However, say hello to heated tables during dinner. Picture a regular kitchen table. Now a very little mini electric fire contraption directly underneath. Tada! You have a great way to stay warm during cena (dinner). 

I have so much more to say, but I don’t get enough sleep here (I average 2-4 hours per night, oops) so I think I need to call it a night. Goodnight from Sevilla!

2 comments on “First Few Days in Sevilla

  1. Grant Thomas

    Dear Addison,

    I love your blog, and enjoy learning about your life in Spain so much. It is difficult to learn a new language and I have so much admiration for your efforts to do that and to truly learn about a new culture and people by living in Spain. It is amazing to me that so many immigrants move to a new country not knowing the language or anyone there to make a new life for themselves. What courage and fortitude that takes!

    Thanks so, so much for keeping in touch. I’m sure that in about six weeks you will be speaking like a native and will have learned so much you will be awestruck by your abilities.

    We love you and appreciate your keeping in touch more than you will ever know.

    Love, Granddad and Grandma Carolyn


  2. Becky Garner

    Sounds like a terrific adventure you have ahead of you . Remember the power of now. Grandma


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